The Bruins didn’t “Bieber-proof” their locker room

After Justin Bieber stomped all over the Blackhawks logo in the team’s locker room before a show in Chicago following the ‘Hawks Cup win, a picture surfaced of the Bruins locker room logo roped off as Bieber prepared to play a show at the TD Garden this weekend.



It was initially reported that the Bruins took necessary measures to make sure the Biebs didn’t disrespect the spoked B in their own locker room by roping off the logo in an effort to prevent Bieber from treading on it, but it appears that isn’t actually the case.

Bruins PR rep Matt Chmura says the picture above was not taken this weekend and that nobody was in the B’s locker room this weekend.


Welp, that ruins a pretty funny story that would’ve won the B’s some points around the world. On the bright side, it means that the Biebs didn’t get anywhere close to the locker room. You can never be too careful, the douchiness might be contagious.

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Pete Blackburn
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