Ashton Kutcher reveals real name, gives incredible speech at Teen Choice Awards

I didn’t watch the 2013 Teen Choice Awards last night because 1.) Breaking Bad was on, and 2.) I’m not a pre-pubescent teenage girl. However, I did manage to watch this short clip of Ashton Kutcher’s acceptance speech from the show last night and it’s pretty incredible.

In it, Kutcher reveals his real first name and discusses three pieces of advice that he has come to learn since becoming a Hollywood actor. I’m not the biggest Ashton fan but this is a pretty amazing speech with a great message behind it. It kind of sucks that it probably went in one ear and out the other on a bunch of screaming girls who didn’t even pay attention to what he was saying but, hey, at least the rest of us got to enjoy it.

And while intelligence is super sexy, so is Rihanna’s Instagram account. Just sayin’.






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Pete Blackburn
Founder & lead editor of The Nosebleeds. Journalism graduate of Endicott College, Class of 2013. Boston born & raised.
  • mvlinn21

    Wow. You sure have a low opinion of teenaged girls. How do you know what they heard and what they didn’t?

    • GDHJ

      no. He’s right. It really did appear to only be half-heard for the most of it. They did seem to get it at the end.

    • Sylvarwolf

      Going off of the screaming and what key words they screamed at, I’d say they really weren’t paying attention to what he was actually saying for at least 80% of the time and that’s being generous.

      • Cate

        That’s fine. You may be right. But for the percentage that did listen, it may have had an impact on them and their lives. It may sound slightly silly to you, but that’s good enough for me. I’m glad he gave that speech!

      • Lesley Silver

        You may be right, but they listened to the beginning, and they were calm and listening at the end. I think that’s likely to be enough – and perhaps longer than many teenagers want to listen for.

        • Sylvarwolf

          I thought the speech was amazing. I thought the girls screaming were not. Both of you are selling teens short. Teens are capable of much more than we give them credit for and I, for one, expect more from them than mindless screaming… and I usually get it.
          I’m glad he gave the speech. He’s another one that the more I hear from him, the more I am becoming impressed by him. I think he’s maturing nicely. I just wish they had listened, because it was a great speech.

    • OwlLasers

      They mostly whooped when he uttered the word, “sexy,” if that’s any indication. But yeah, they got it after awhile.

    • Mark Warneke

      Because it’s kind of hard to hear someone when you’re screaming at the top of your lungs because a cute guy is talking? Because every time they heard the word “sex” in “sexy,” they screamed again instead of listening to what he was defining as sexy?

      Not hard to figure out, really, just like it’s not hard to figure out that you didn’t really watch the video..l

    • robkingrockledge

      Still people will think sexy is being good looking with a lot of money. When all TV does to “nerdy” people is make them at the bottom on the totem pole. ONLY until what our television presents to our young generation will the term “sexy” be redefined by “smart” How many people will get upset with you if you correct them for using your or you’re incorrectly? Until people accept the that our society can only progress and prosper with smarter people will people start to change.

    • Sallynotadude

      They were literally screaming while he was talking. OMG, SHUT UP TEENAGERS, I AM TRYING TO LISTEN TO SOMETHING.

  • Amanda Hearn

    Well damn it, that was pretty freaking awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  • Amy H

    ugh its only us over 30 people that are appreciative of this! because we’re like “yes!! yes please listen to this!” like the letter you would write to your 16 year old self. I hope everyone listening that was under 20 GOT it :D

    • Kat

      scuse you? I’m not over 30 and I thought his speech was wonderful. Kutcher is an incredibly intelligent man (which, he’s right, is super sexy!) and he deserves major props.

      (also not quitting a job before you have another one is extremely wise. Good call.)

      • Joe

        youre a loser, it was a general statement troll get a life

      • Jules

        r u serious? he’s a male bimbo.. he’s saying being smart is sexy cos he’s never had the brains.. no being smart is not sexy unless u have the looks to go with it

        • Kalynn

          Are YOU serious? Being smart does not have to be accompanied by good looks to be sexy, attractive and appealing. For example, my impression of you based on your insightful comment is anything but attractive and no where near sexy. I am left with the impression that you are someone who is not intelligent and VERY shallow.

          • silvershadow

            Bravo Kalynn! What part of his speech was NOT great? Just because he “plays” stupid parts, doesn’t mean he is. Underrated comic timing…was so excellent in “The Butterfly Effect” and I know he meant every word he said in that speech..he is very humble in knowing who made him what he is. I think he is plenty smart…I’ll take a smart any type girl over a clueless and beautiful girl. I’m just glad to know there are smart girls who are less and more of what society deems attractive.

          • Jules

            u make me laugh, get off the internet and finish ur homework, it’s almost bed time

          • Monkeymen Int

            you are on hell of a Troll. If Kutcher is a Bimbo. Good God what are you then ?

          • Drew

            Jules-how about YOU please use proper English before YOU start to call other people out. Or better yet just go back to school and get an education! It’s people like you that are causing the downfall of this country.

          • Jules

            so u’re saying if we put albert einstein next to ashton kutcher and let 100 women pick to have sex with.. einstein would win hands down? i didn’t know u’re stupid and judgemental

          • Lauren Polkey

            Just because he plays ‘Bimbo’ roles, as you call it, does not mean he’s not intelligent. In fact it shows a true grasp of his acting capabilities.
            Furthermore, in the last year alone he’s made more money on investments than on acting itself.

            Lastly, the comment about not being sexy unless you have the looks to accompany it; man it’s not even worth going into just how wrong you are. Honestly, open your eyes and see that people have much more to offer than just on a superficial level.

          • Ignorance these days

            Calling someone stupid while using “u’re” instead of “you’re” and lacking in punctuation. Yeah YOU’RE a real winner there, sparky.

          • John Mackey

            Not to mention, he can’t spell judgmental. lol

          • WhichWitchisWhich

            Jules used the British spelling.

          • Guest

            Take into account of Albert Einstein in his early days…he was probably a smoke show. I’d say that’s some legit competition right there ;) And honey I am anything BUT stupid. Judgmental – yes. You are criticizing Ashton, myself and everyone else here who you have labeled as stupid yet you can hardly string a full sentence together yourself and you put up a very very poor argument. Yes Jules, I am judgmental and I am judging you.

          • jamierozek

            Jules, give it up. Here’s what I have learned about you as a person in the 5 minutes I have been reading:

            1. You are not intelligent
            2. You are judgmental
            3. You are incapable of utilizing the English language properly to make your point
            4. You resort to name calling when you don’t get your way.

            Here’s an idea for you:

            Log off of your computer, shut it off, and don’t EVER use it again. Here are the benefits of that:

            1. We don’t have to read ridiculous nonsense from a 10 year old child about things she knows nothing about. You trying to tell us Ashton is or isn’t intelligent is just plain stupid on your part–because you obviously have never met him, never will, and you really can’t judge a persons’ intelligence based on the characters they have played. Nice try.
            2. Albert Einstein is dead, so unless they like dead people, I don’t think anyone will be choosing him to have sex with. However, I heard he was quite the stud back in his day.

            3. Go read some books. Study. Join a debate team. Learn how to argue with people effectively, because you suck at it.

            Have a wonderful day!

        • Haley

          …..maybe you shouldn’t be commenting on someone else’s intelligence until you gain your own. Quit being lazy and type out the ENTIRE word. “YOU” is not spelled “u”, “ARE” is not spelled “r”, and “BECAUSE” is not spelled “cos”. If you want people to take you seriously about intelligence, then demonstrate it.

          • Jules

            u a grade school teacher or something?

        • Linda Hatt

          Jules, if you took one minute to read Kutcher’s Wikipedia bio, you’d see that he is indeed a damn smart guy with an even bigger heart. His twin brother lived with heart failure and cerebral palsy. He is very devoted to his brother in many ways.

          • Jules

            i’ve never said he’s a bad person, i came to watch this vid open minded about him; but becos from all the works i’ve seen from him (punk’d, that 70s show, 2 and a half men) i get this impression that he’s a bit of an airhead.. a male bimbo.. a mimbo if u will.. and hearing his speech just concreted it. and yes i heard he was going to jump off a building to kill himself so his brother can have his heart.. which to me does not sound very smart. u see to save a life u need to maintain ur own as well, or else its not really saving a life is it? it’s more like exchanging a life. he probably is not a bad sort of a fella but definately not the sharpest tool in the shed. and don’t tell me just becos he always plays a dumb dumb doesn’t mean he really is.. just like his movie the butterfly effect said – everything happens for a reason

        • Christine Smith

          Yea, you’re right, all us losers with degrees and intelligence who know how to spell and use punctuation and junk totally wasted our time if we’re attractive, and those who aren’t should just go hide in a hole because they’ll never get ANYWHERE without looks…everyone knows that all you need is a pretty face and life will just fall into place! The only reason all the well-paying jobs say you need a degree is so the nerdy uggos out there don’t feel left out! Like, DUH! As long as you’re nice to look at, ANYONE will hire you just for the privilege of your company each day! Same goes for friends! I know I’VE never seen a guy who’s smoking hot just to have him open his mouth to speak and be completely turned off! Who needs intelligent conversation and innovative contribution when you can be surrounded by pretty people all day instead! (*for those who think like this moron, that was sarcasm, I know you might not know what it means, just google it. Or don’t. Wouldn’t want to draw away from your good looks by learning something new).
          Ashton made an amazing speech! Well said, and every word was completely true!

          • Paula Taylor

            The use of proper grammar is super sexy.

        • Ignorance these days

          You’re an idiot-lets hope you havethe looks b/c you definitely do NOT have the brains. But then again-the looks will only get you so far-looks fade in time, intelligence is long lasting and can be broadened forever. Good luck with life.

        • Mary Canaday Gray

          He was accepted into the biochemical engineering at the University of Iowa…were you Jules? He is incredibly intelligent. Sounds like sour grapes to me Jules…

          • Jules

            nope, jealousy is women’s forte, not men’s, no sour grapes here. u see the point i was making is – he deliberately used the word “sexy” wrongly here to get little teenie girl’s attention.. and that’s why they all scream like they’re being stabbed when he said “sexy”. does intelligence make a person more attractive? of cos it does, but can it be said as sexy? no, intelligence is not a form of sex, so it cannot be said as sexy. looks can be sexy, clothes can be sexy, and voice etc can be sexy. sexy is something that triggers one of ur primary senes to make u want to have sex, intelligence is not a primary sense. unless u’re one of those ppl that sees a big brain and gets turn on.

            look at all ur judgemental sub-human like behaviours here.. just look at urselves.. do u feel good pretending that u’re good? pretending that u’re all not shallow, all educated with grammar and punctuation blah blah blah when u’ve missed the point completely?

            also, being able to memorise scripts and text books does not equate to intelligence, because intelligence is not what u know, its what u do, when u don’t know

          • Aaron_Gartner

            Your deductions are contrived and riddled with logical fallacies. You, sir are NOT sexy.

          • jamierozek

            I don’t believe he used anything incorrectly. You just didn’t comprehend what he was saying, because now you’re just on your high horse, you’re stubborn, and you’re allowing your stubborn behavior to lock you into a pattern of ignorance that demonstrates a lack of intelligence on your part.

            I’m sorry if I used words you don’t understand.

          • Emily

            Actually Jules, science has shown that during a certain time in a woman’s cycle they have the tendency to be biologically more attracted to men who are determined to be good providers/protectors because their offspring are more likely to survive. Indeed, the theory of evolution would suggest that for thousands of years only the brightest and most physically capable of human kind went on to produce most successfully. Therefore your argument that intelligence is not a form of sex is incorrect. It is in fact a core value necessary for the furtherment of humanity. Not clothes. It really, really has nothing to do with clothes.

          • Jules

            so u have sex with smart men crossing ur fingers and hope they’ll provide for u? oh no clothes eh? really? have u heard this brand called victoria’s secret? no?

          • Emily

            Well in a sense, yes. Most people date in order to find partnership. A partner is someone who will provide for you whether it’s physically, emotionally or financially. Your argument was that “intelligence is not a form of sex, so it cannot be said as sexy” which means that you are saying that clothing is a form of sex. That’s some freaky sex you’re having.

          • Jules

            who said anything about dating?? we’re talking about sex, don’t take the arguement everywhere just to win it. so what u’re saying is that u’re a slut? u’ll sleep with a dude without dating? u’ll sleep with them hoping they’ll date u?? lol i see.. and don’t twist my words, i said clothings can make a person sexy, not that i want to have sex with them

          • Emily

            Directly quoting you is not, in fact, twisting your words. You are now saying that “clothings can make a person sexy” and you previously said “”does intelligence make a person more attractive? of cos it does” distinguishing between attractiveness and sexiness in saying that “sexy is something that triggers one of ur primary senes to make u want to have sex” – so surely you are saying that, as you find clothing sexy, it triggers your “primary senes (sic)” to make you want sex – no?

          • Jules

            when a person wears a certain type of clothes they can give a very visual sexiness to another person; r u seriously that stupid that i need to elaborate “clothes” so u can understand? how do u sense intelligence? do u smell it? taste it? look at it?

        • BrittanyLouis

          Wrong, being smart is ALWAYS sexy. In HS people treat “nerdy” people like trash but in the REAL world, outside of school I’ve never once dealt with a man with a lower level of intelligence than my own. Dating strong smart men encourages me to be just as strong and smart. A brilliant bf or gf, means that as a couple we continue to learn together and strive for greatness together. My bf convinced me to go back to college a 2nd time, something that has elevated my life to a new level. I pushed him to fight for promotions he deserved at work.

          So please don’t tell me brains aren’t sexy. They’re the only things I’ve found sexy, ever. And ALL of my friends feel this way. Young girls might be lured away by a fast car and a nice outfit but when you’re growing up and looking for a life partner, he’s got to be better than just shallow things.

        • ron

          Hahahaha what a conceited B Juels is. lol. why do people like you actually exist. lol. I bet you love 3 things, money, looks, and big…um cars. All of that simply masks your shame as a human.

          • Jules

            heh, first of all.. i don’t care for money, as long as i dont have to worry about money i’m happy. 2ndly.. who doesn’t like a good looking person of the opposite sex??? but looks only gets u so far.. it’ll get ppl thru the door, but its the personality that keeps them there. oh and i have no love for cars, i spend most of my money travelling. just look at all you judgemental pricks out there, on one hand u think u r morally/socially superior by agreeing with ashton kutcher that intelligence/personality (btw ashton classified “being thoughtful” as a form of being smart.. u still think he’s not a mimbo?) but on the other u see someone like myself not agreeing with what he said and u come down with a volley of abuses.. really? even if i do like people based on their looks, does it give u the right to judge and abuse me? everybody’s got different tastes, who gave u the right to judge and belittle others? imagine if our tastes in food r judged and criticised in the same way… “eww u like chicken and watermelon, u must be a xxxxxx” do u still feel all high and mighty now?

            i am saying intelligence does not make u sexy from my own experience. i used to be a scrawny little nerd with glasses, and let me tell u that is not sexy. yes i got some play with girls once they get to know me, but majority of them didn’t even what to know me to begin with. then i lost the glasses, got a tan and started working out.. and now i don’t have a problem with getting the girls to know me. i don’t want scrawny little nerds like the young me to hear ashton’s msg and think its ok to keep being just smart and nothing else. i don’t want these people to not know what their fault is and keep being scrawny little nerds and not get anywhere with women. cos as i was growing up, all i hear from these pretentious celebs is that looks aren’t important when in fact only the 2 best looking people from that 70s show actually got somewhere in hollywood, so i thought yeah i’m a good smart person, i should have girls all over me.. WRONG!

            i didnt realise that it wasn’t working til i was about 25.. and to all you hypocrits out there saying looks don’t matter.. i want u to practice what u preach and stop wearing make ups when u go out.

          • Earth


          • Jules

            eat a D son

        • Martian

          Does anyone else find this entire thread hilarious?The argument increasingly focused on the delivery rather than the content. Who cares if you don’t use proper grammar. It doesn’t mean your argument is invalid and nobody would have noticed how you spelt “you’re” if you left a voicemail.

          Rather, the tread became a place for self-indulgence, I think.

          Everyone is passionate about this discussion, but at point, it just seems like you’re arguing to make yourself feel better. Unless you are about to have a two-way discussion and come to a conclusion, you might as well agree to disagree and call it a day.

          This is just an article on the internet.

          It’s likely that you’re the only one benefiting from your comment. Including myself. Irony!

  • Judy-Richard Stark

    Great message and one that will resonate with listeners of all ages. Thanks Chris!

  • Lilli

    Wow….Totally impressed!..Not an easy task these days….Is their hope that even Hollywood is finally “getting it”??

    • hexefrau

      Is there hope that you’ll learn the difference between there, their and they’re?

      • Lilli

        humm…I probably will before you get out of Mommy’s basement you pathetic little troll….I bet you surf the web looking for people to use your instead of you’re?..Does it give meaning to your boring anal retentive life?…

      • Trent Worley

        the fuck does it matter? are we in school now?

  • hairpin

    It amazes me that such a positive message from Ashton Kutcher is framed by the piece of crap that Pete Blackburn wrote.

    I wonder in what way Kutcher’s words impressed Blackburn, who forgoes the sexy trifecta of intelligence, thoughtfulness, and generosity to pass a selfish judgement on teenage girls.

    • J.Doe

      It should be noted that Blackburn did not pass “selfish judgement” on teenage girls but instead referred only to the screaming girls. While I also don’t agree on his choice to pass judgement on anyone when writing about such a positive message; I do agree that it is difficult to listen if you are screaming every time Ashton Kutcher says the word “sexy”.

      • jeffbriant

        Blackburn’s right. Ashton is trying to make a point and they scream over him talking, whenever he says smart, sexy, important, me, I… anything, really.. This award show is ridiculous.

        • No6655321

          Agreed, when you see and hear that it’s not listening. He could have been saying anything and those who were freaking out would still be freaking out. The rest of the crowd though… they likely soaked it right in.

    • River

      Thank you. My thoughts exactly.

    • Toni Akinwumi

      What judgement are you even talking about? He stated the fact basically you the girls probably didnt hear his message cause they were too busy screaming to actually really pay attention. You seem like the one who is passing judgement on him for coming up with your own misinformed version.
      Anyway I never really looked at Ashton in anyway but after seing this, it is very obvious he had been highly inspired by Steve and he wants to pass it to the teens in the audience.

    • iRobC

      Good grief, Blackburn’s comment was a joke. We’re destroying ourselves by being so politically correct.

  • doubleshiny

    “It kind of sucks that it probably went in one ear and out the other on a bunch of screaming girls who didn’t even pay attention to what he was saying.”

    Were there any versions of the write up where you didn’t come across as a condescending prick? Just curious. I’d rather talk to teenage girls than you any day pal.

    • Ryan Perez

      Pro tip: If you want to nail some guy for a potentially sexist remark, calling him a “prick” means you instantly drop the hammer.

      Don’t hand your tools away so complacently.

      • Lenny_Zero

        I disagree, prick.

        • Ryan Perez

          A quick readthrough of your history reveals a laconic attitude and the typical “I’m an edgy, terse badass on the internet” disposition of a habitual shit slinger.

          Put that good ol’ problem-solving monkey brain of yours to better use besides grunting and beating your chest, bub.

          I’ll give you a banana if you do. Bubbles like banana, yes? Yes, Bubbles LOVE banana!

          • Lenny_Zero

            Pro-tip, prick: Don’t get your panties in a bunch when you get schooled.

          • Ryan Perez

            Haha, you certainly are confident. Boorish, sluggish, and a bit of an simp, but you do have some sand.

            Trust me, you didn’t “school” anyone, mongoloid. You use “school” ironically. No amount of your cock waving can cover up two very important facts: your terse nature means you have nothing particularly valuable or intelligent to bring to the table, and a comparison of our number of posts/upvotes implies what I have to say is infinitely more agreeable and drawing.

            So shhh…it’s OK. Life dealt you a bad lot. That’s fine. But doing this little dance with people like me only makes you look foolish.

            And, yeah, like a bit of a prick. A limp one. With a wart in the urethra so pissing is virtually impossible.

            Rendering you a useless prick.

          • Lenny_Zero

            Pro tip: If you want to nail some guy for schooling you, calling him a “prick” means you
            instantly drop the hammer. Especially if he called you that first.

            Don’t hand your tools away so complacently, prick.

            PS. I gave you an upvote because you’re entertaining, prick.
            PSS. I’ll bet your next post will be full of big “Ryan words” like mongoloid, frycook, and perhaps a weak attempt at shortening the word “plebian.” You sir, are predictable as fuck.

          • Ryan Perez

            Shhh, child, I never claim to take the high road. I have no reservations toward sinking to your fourth-grade mongoloid level, as I’m perfectly capable of instantly rising back to my natural state.

            No matter how hard you try to convince yourself, frycook, you’re not going to get me. You’re never going to get me. You’re forever going to be beneath me, living some banal life of nothingness, only to die off and be forgotten by your succeeding cunt descendants.

            And there I will be, in the ether of better nature, laughing at your non-existence.

            Much like I do now. Pleb.

          • Lenny_Zero

            “I’m perfectly capable of instantly rising back to my natural state” – Spoken like a true prick.
            I grow tired of looking at your prick-avatar-face, Ryan. Its been obvious since your first post in this thread that you’re a sexist. Oh, and did you lose your last “journalistic job” for sexism? Yes you did, prick. You forgot your sexist beginnings/endings/whateverthefuck, PRICK:


            Glad you admit to your sexist failings in your articles, but it is soooo obvious by your writing that you’re a wannabe videogame elitist more commonly know as a PRICK.
            Here is a link you your wanky musings in case someone else thinks I’m offbase in determining you to be a prick:


            I’m sure you’ll have something sexist, arrogant, ignorant, prick-like, and downright unprofessional to say after this level of takedown. Hide your tattoos, your arms are too small for that, prick.

            Go back to your video games and vaseline. This is the last time you will hear from me personally, prick. I’m done trolling you. But hey! Have another upvote for keeping me amused for a minute, prick.
            If you get anything out of our dealings, internalize the fact that your arms are too underdeveloped for tattoos, prick.
            I’ll see you in SF.

          • Ryan Perez

            Again, nice try. A very valiant effort to convince someone that you have some small semblance of an intellect, however futile it was.

            Again, an empty husk whose sole contribution will be pumping a load into some hole idiotic enough to let you. You’ll soon die off, with nothing but minor service industry contributions behind you, to then settle into the subconscious of your customers and fade from memory. Peasant.

            The “zero” is very, very appropriate for you, as that’ll be the exact amount of fucks any one person will give toward such a useless, untalented, valueless glob of cock juice.

            Enjoy the grave and obscurity, Bubbles. :D

  • The JerseyTrainer

    2013..and your video is in -1000p. Be more better at this

  • Yuki Hayashi

    Pete, you’re a moron. As a mom and community volunteer, I know a lot of teenage girls and they are way smarter than misogynist dudes of a certain age give them credit for. I’m sorry that you find Ashton Kutcher’s mesmerizing effect on girls so jealousy inducing. They absolutely understood what he said. They’re cheering because 1/ they agree, 2/ they love the fact he gives them credit for being smart and having potential, and 3/ well, he’s Ashton Kutcher.

    • Joe

      Maybe in Yukiland

    • robkingrockledge

      I’m sorry Yuki.. But I have to agree with Joe.. These generations are more dependent on television to tell them how life is supposed to be rather than living their own life without fear of being made fun of or being called a nerd. #NerdLife4Life

    • Monkeymen Int

      you are absolutely right. But no surprise two “misogynist dudes” immediately had to oppose you. what can you do ;)

    • Greg Kreiner


    • Bergalerg

      That’s why they’re screaming in the middle of his points? When he has yet to fully say anything meaningful?

    • msnyc10

      Classic female reply to the slightest bit of criticism about women/girls; the men must be lacking and or misogynist. If their principal made the same speech they would have tuned him out. They probably tune out their mothers, their ‘misogynist old dude’ dads and anyone else who gives and gave them the same advice their whole lives. I’d bet the house that if his message was ‘party like there is no tomorrow’ or ‘just have fun and do what you want’ the screams would have been just as loud. Stop mythologizing women/girls it is as bad and in fact as harmful as being a misogynist.

      • CharChar

        kind of hypocritical to criticize people for making generalizations about gender while starting your response with “classic female reply”

        • AlphaLackey

          Agreed. “Classic vaginocratic reply” would be more accurate and not exclude the men who shout sexism at the slightest provocation. But his main point remains: people who put women on pedestals as a “worse class of victim” are just as much an impediment to equality as any stereotypical misogynistic “make me a sammich, bitch” dirtbag.

        • msnyc10

          I didn’t criticize anyone for making generalizations. I criticized a technique many women use to discredit men’s opinions because that very technique was used. See how it works charchar?

          The girls weren’t screaming because ‘they agree’ or because he ‘gave them credit for being smart and having potential’, that is simply a sexist assumption on OPS part because, well, they are women.

          Summary really is he gave a great important speech and no one cared because they wanted to have sex with him. Now I’m going to bet the house if it were say… Megan Fox… giving a speech to a boys clubs and they were shouting and hollering and screaming during her whole speech OP wouldn’t be implying anything about the empowered boys she’d be ranting about objectification. Which is what the story is really about. Does it make the girls horrible? Nope, it makes them people.

          Sort of reminds me of an old Star Trek I saw on tv last week; this female visitor to the ships says to Kirk “What has space done to women? Are they still women or as they just…. people?” The girls were just people. End of story.

    • blah

      The writer was referring to the screaming girls. The comment was not about the entire female population in that room let alone the world. He did not make disparaging comments about the lot of them, but he did make a good point, because the ones really listening were the quiet ones, not the screamers. But, also, don’t pretend like boys don’t get sterotypes thrown at them, too. I know there are problems for women in the world but boys get them growing up as well and it’s a bad dynamic for everyone.

  • Clara Jane

    You don’t give teenage girls nearly enough credit as they deserve. Teenagers, however many mistakes they make or however you perceive them to be, are the most creative, passionate, and thoughtful kinds of people. Teenage girls get excited about things, they scream, and sometimes cry out of excitement, but not in any universe does excitement equal stupidity.

    • lowellhighmom

      Yes, they are all that (creative, passionate, and thoughtful) …… but they don’t THINK they are. They are mostly nervous about their looks. That makes me sad. And a bit angry. They live in a world that constantly tells THEM that the are not good enough, not skinny enough, not cute enough.

  • iinsure4u

    Who would have thought that a 50 year old mom has been telling her kid for 12 years the Montra everyday they were dropped off at school .
    What’s your job today ?
    1. Work hard 2. Do your best 3 Be kind to other 4 Go to school I made them repeat it everyday or they could not get out of the car. Wow I must think 30 years younger , and like Steve Jobs .. Maybe I m raising an Ashton ( he wants to be an actor) and the other one CEO. Thank you for such a great speech that will reach out to the youth and the future CEO, CFO, Redford’s, and Kutchers of the world . Bravo !

    • Jonathan Malaer

      I should say that he says to “be smart” not go to school. You don’t have to go to school to be smart… in fact school doesn’t really teach you as much as you think it does. Your passion is what truly teaches you.

  • AlTheKiller

    I’m sure it would have been a better speech if it wasn’t being constantly screamed over by piece of shit kids that don’t know how to behave.

  • jena

    Just so you know.. you can play Snake with the loading symbol.. just push the down key.

  • Twinzo
  • Twinzo

    [soundcloud url="" params="" width=" 100%" height="450" iframe="true" /]

  • ughed

    I agree with many comments that all teenage girls are not “pre pubescent screaming girls,” but the ones that do scream are really annoying

  • Trent Worley

    too bad he made that amazing speech to a bunch of retarded teenage girls who can’t shut up for 5 minutes

    • gfbonanza

      I can see that unlike those “retarded teenage girls,” you really heard and took to heart his point about being intelligent, thoughtful, and generous. You are a superior human being!

      • Trent Worley

        nobody cares what you think

  • Pingback: Be sexy. | coloringlifewithwords

  • micah

    Pete, people can’t handle the truth. you are right, they probably just heard Ashton(Chris) talking about how sexy he is and couldn’t help but agree of course. Maybe could have framed the article a little more positively, but I understand your points and thoughts, anyway.

  • Pingback: Ashton Kutcher’s three steps | delsinghblog

  • Jon B.

    Too bad he cannot act any other character than Kelso from that 70′s show to save his lame life.

    • Rizzo RapZ

      i disagree…butterfly effect is classic.

  • Marley

    Wonderful speech, Chris Ashton Kutcher! A great message for young people.

  • Mike Tragesser

    Kutcher’s wonderful message is the same one all us old guys have been saying for the past 4 generations. Who ever listened to us then, or him now? If they listened they would have shut up, frozen, and mouths agape at the awesome wisdom , but no, it was all about screaming, “Sexy, sexy sexy!!! Wheeeee!!!”. Tossing pearls among swine.

    • Ann Burlingham

      “If they listened they would have shut up, frozen, and mouths agape at the awesome wisdom”

      Yes, I’m sure that’s the response you expect and never, ever get.

      Boo hoo.

  • Guest
    Oooohhh the similarities…

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  • Nunyer Binnis

    Did he say “Oh, wow”?

  • bingopajama


  • Pcoladawgs

    Good message Kutcher. As to the screaming girls; well from prior post it seems Mama bears think that it is OK to scream for absolutely no reason while someone is giving a speech. To me it was hard to hear because of all the silly screams.

  • Pingback: Ashton Kutcher reveals real name, gives incredible speech at Teen Choice Awards - Informant Daily

  • Greg Kreiner

    This was the first year I watched the awards. (my daughter turned 13 last month) Before Kutcher, the speeches were short and shallow among the screams. (I don’t know if you could even have called them speeches.) Then Kutcher gets up there (I didn’t even know he was popular among teens) and gives advice in his speech. It was different than the others. I think the audience expected something less. He didn’t let the screaming girls derail what he had to say. It wasn’t until I watched it again here, that I got his full message. I can see how his speech directly relates to the work he did in the Steve Jobs movie. His message to the teens is take advantage of opportunities (i.e. don’t be lazy), be smart and make something of yourself. I hope the screaming girls take the time to watch the video now and really listen to what he has to say.

  • Miguel Atilano

    they’re teenage girls… regardless of what message from what speaker is being given. they are still going to be teenagers. so it doesn’t matter how amazing the message was bc it will likely be in one ear and out the other. its up to how they were raised which will determine what they will make of life. just bc they scream when he says the word sexy doesn’t mean that there’s zero hope. we were all teenagers once. I happen to be very successful and have a masters from Stanford. I still chuckle if I hear a fart in public and I used to be a cocky prick in high school but like I said. who I was is not who I am now. give them a break and let them be kids

  • MyNameIsNotChris

    Really, all this trouble because the author merely stated – what we can all see and hear – that, through all the screams, many of the youngsters there were unaware or barely paid attention to what he was saying? That’s not condescending. It’s a fact. Seriously, Chris got up there and – fresh off his role as Steve Jobs – found a moment of clarity. Albeit, in an odd setting, he still thought it necessary to impart some sort of wisdom to his blindedbyfame fans. This is by no way casting blame on the fans; they were expecting the usual “I love you; without you I’m nothing; stay classy” vitriol, and were somewhat blind sided by blunt honesty and truth.

    Today they’ll probably get a chance to digest fully what Chris said, but that night many of them had stars and hearts in their eyes. Nothing wrong with that, and to the OPs point, they may have missed the message (at the time) because of it. Fast forward to today and they’ll be trolling the interwebs like we are looking to relive that moment. With the high of being there wearing off hopefully the cerebral message will kick in (although the lingering squealing may still exist; cause you know, “omg I was right there!”). :)

    So ease up and get off the podium folks. Change the topic to the message. Cause real talk, I had no idea his name was Chris.

    • Lesley Silver

      Great, measured post – and you did it without insulting anyone. Thank you.

  • Stephen “Sky” Gordon

    This does not help my hatred towards dumb and obnoxious fangirls. Go home. As for Ashton’s (apparently Chris :) speech, you are the man. Thank you for being legit and real. We need that in Hollywood.

    • miamigrrrl

      You think fangirls should go home from the Teen Choice Awards? #girlhatingdouche

  • jayceegrey

    Yeah, blame the screaming girls that no one heard it, not the cameras & media that shot to Harry Styles every 10 seconds & hyped his “twerking” all to shit.

  • Denise Beaver

    I am a mother of a teenage girl, and never gave much thought to Ashton Kutcher before because his character on “That 70′s show” embodied exactly what I want my teenage daughter to steer clear of (no offense, he was SOO funny and perfect for that roll). But this speech completely BLEW ME AWAY!!!! I’m so impressed with his courage, humility and insight. I’ve totally done a 360 on Ashton, and now want my daughter to hook up with a guy EXACTLY like him!! I wish there were more great roll models in Hollywood just like him. I’m SO going to show this video to my daughter, and to my teenage son when they get home from school today. Bless you Chris!

  • A. Brookes

    I hope the tweens were actually paying attention to what he was saying, you know? They seem to just be screaming and can’t get over the fact that he is simply there. Just a thought but I believe they should actually open their ears and take his advice…

  • Doo

    Dear god those screaming girls (who aren’t listening) are violently annoying. But the message is shocking especially since I never took him seriously

  • John

    These screaming girls….can they take a break to absorb one piece of wisdom? Or is that too pernicious to being a housewife someday?

    “I helped my dad carry shingles to the roof”

    • Benjamin

      Lighten up.

    • Sarah

      I could not have said that better myself! I was frustrated while watching his speech because the screaming overpowered the message. I guess I do not remember acting this way as a teenager. We were taught to be quiet and listen when someone else is speaking. Gone are the days of respect I suppose.

      • Ann Burlingham

        Are you older than 90, then? Because my mother had things to say about bobby-soxers>

        In other words, “*we* always behaved *so much better* when we were young” is pretty much always bullshit. Rose-colored hindsight, at best.

  • Morgan Kauffman

    i really wish people would stop screaming when he’s trying to talk just jeez.

  • TedDanson

    I’m sorry, but his message is bullshit and I’m amazed how many seem to think it’s somehow profound. He’s basically propagating the old right-wing rhetoric of ‘Unsuccessful? You’re to blame!’. The truth is, it’s easy to look at your past jobs through rose-tinted spectacles once you’re a made man, but for far more people, that’s it, that’s their life, till they die. Terrible wages, no worker’s rights, exploitation. Opportunity doesn’t come around for everyone. It’s the ‘just world’ fallacy, and it stinks.

    I agree with the message that you shouldn’t sneer at low paid menial jobs, but that propagates yet another myth- that young people are busy spurning employment because they think they are too good. The truth is there simply aren’t enough jobs. I’ve seen charity shops filled with young people clinging to the hope it will eventually land them menial paid work. Their futures have been robbed from them by the same generation that all too willingly paints them as slackers.

    • gfbonanza

      Thank god someone said it.

  • Richard Morey

    Wow.. I was not a huge Ashton Kutcher fan either but I really like what he said and especially the he tried to impart wisdom to a young crowd like that.

  • Guest

    Screaming girls and hypocritical actor aside; my favorite part was when a female voice shouts to Chris to “take it off” during the Teen Choice Awards. I guess they got confused and thought that they were at home watching Two and a Half Men.

  • Rob Swift

    If only one kid in the audience understood that message, it was worth it. I’m sure the majority of them missed the point, as in any given situation there is usually only 3% that is able to fully grasp and implement this type of mantra. Good for you Chris Kutcher, great speech!

  • miamigrrrl

    Lotta girl hatred and dismissal going on here. Sweet.

  • Karen Jacobson

    I was ready to agree with the “screaming girls didn’t hear a word of it,” until I actually watched the clip. Great speech, and the audience cheered at the right parts, so they actually DID pay attention. Sure they squealed at “sexy,” but they also cheered “Steve Jobs,” and some other non-stupid parts. So why the BS about the audience?

    • miamigrrrl

      Typical misogynistic douchebaggery.

    • Kent Joseph

      Yes, one woman in the audience yelled “take it off” when he talking about his second point (being sexy). S you are correct, they were listening. I just wish some young woman would have yelled “do some calculus” after he said that brains were sexy. ;)

  • Guest

    Laughing at all the middle aged mothers here, getting offended on behalf of their teenage girls.

    • miamigrrrl

      Wow, you’ve got ageism going along with your sexism. Your mom must be so proud.

      • Guest

        Where in my post did I say that women are inferior or people of a certain age are inferior? I am simply laughing at the middle aged mothers in this post, as their responses are amusing. If I said I were laughing at the men’s responses in this post, would that make me a misogynist?

  • blah

    Talking about a bunch of screaming girls isn’t a reflection on the whole building and the writer probably knows that. If a woman had written that, what colourful adjectives would some of you be using to describe her? Probably not jumping to misogynist.

    • miamigrrrl

      Newsflash: women can be misogynists too. But thanks for playing.

    • Broadsword

      That’s because the word you’re searching for is ‘misandrist’.

  • Kay Septrion

    He has a lot to say & all seems correct to me. Listen to him all you young people.

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  • Rhiley

    What amazes me is that everyone is focusing on what Pete had to say, rather than the content of Kutcher’s speech. I am an 18 year old female and I appreciate everything that was said by Kutcher. So while I agree that what Pete had to say was very stereotypical, I think that the main focus should be on the brilliant advice given by Kutcher rather than the uninformative text written by Pete.

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  • Ralph Angelo

    What kind of audience continues to scream and yell while their big star is speaking?
    Chris is certainly a snappy dresser……How much of his message is diluted because he dresses like a rich high school student?

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    be smart. be thoughtful. be generous. build a life. Indeed some excellent advice.

  • Mandy

    kudos to Ashton for this message. I do hope the screaming fans were truly listening to his message. It will help them through life.

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  • Coconutpie876

    “everything else is crap” huh? I’d like to see him date an average/not so pretty girl who has all those amazing qualities…but that would never happen…so obviously that matters to him

    • Brad Hodson

      Please, just… stop.

  • Dee

    Wow… so much hatred down below in the comments… how about applauding a very influential young man for a speech filled with wisdom and passion? Beautifully stated, and beautifully real. Way to go, Chris Kutcher!

  • Pingback: Famous Actor Gives Insightful Speech About ‘Hard Work’ And Generosity

  • shawn
  • DurkaDurka

    Probably the most that crowd learned all year.

  • Guest

    What?! YouTube took the video down? These stupid copyright infringement rules are getting ridiculous! Luckily I saw it before, but I was going to post the video to my blog.

  • jonaslover285

    I actually did watch this at the time it aired, and as I am entering my senior year, it really hit home. I actually turned it into a FB post and thought it was really worth sharing. I am so glad someone else saw this too.

  • John Adams

    I really hope people got it too, not just teens either. This has got to be the single best moment in the history of awards shows. Actually, probably the greatest public speech made for many years. I try not to watch tv at all, mainly for the reason he talked about, they want to sell you an idea of how you should be and I know it’s bull shit, why would I want to let that into my mind or those of people around me? Literally everything you see in life existed as a simple thought at some point, and it goes to show that it really is important and impactful, the things you think of, because those thoughts are the only thing that can ever become real for you. Think more, decide what your life is, be vigilant about your mind, never let something intimidate you or convince you to be someone who is not yourself, that’s where your ‘sexiness’ comes from. Which, although sexy is commonly overused almost to the point of meaninglessness, I believe the word was thoughtfully chosen. There’s not a person around who doesn’t want to be ‘sexy,’ but remember that the ideas you might automatically associate with sexiness could not be your own, it might just be what a commercial told you was sexy so you’d buy their product. It might just be what the dictionary told you sexiness is, but that doesn’t mean anything because the person who made that dictionary was no better than you. It might be what Ashton Kutcher told you, though he also said to be thoughtful and think for yourself. I am impressed to the fullest extent by his speech and hope the best to the guy, whatever his real name is. I’m 23.

  • Aaron_Gartner

    Holy shit! How can any of you have the slightest clue as to someone else’s intentions? What are you, fucking psychic? I’m sure many of the adolescent women in the audience can listen and scream at the same time. Talk about something that matters for fuck sake.

  • Pingback: Famous Actor Reveals Real Name, Gives Incredibly Insightful Speech About ‘Hard Work’ and Generosity…at Teen Choice Awards | Liberty Update

  • KataKimbe

    It is probably one of the best speeches said by anybody who is a so called celebrity or star these days. It is simply amazing… and it made me think about the jobs I had before I was a teen, and while I was a teen growing up… in order to make some extra money so I could save and buy things… I did not have parents that gave me money. I learned about work ethics the hard way and am grateful for it. Those jobs were picking strawberries, delivering the morning paper, selling the evening paper, delivering leaflets of advertising to people’s doors, selling ice cream, cleaning hotel rooms, and then finally working in the reception at the local hotel as I was ready to graduate High School. Hard work never hurt anyone.

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  • Bruse Willis

    You all really think “HE” wrote this ??? hahahaha

  • tudorgurl

    I so want to show this to my students the first week of school. :)

  • Ann Burlingham

    “It kind of sucks that it probably went in one ear and out the other on a bunch of screaming girls who didn’t even pay attention to what he was saying”

    Try not being a sexist, ageist jackass, ‘kay?

    • kdugz18

      Nothing Pete said was sexist or ageist (if that’s even a thing). There were young girls in the audience screaming during the speech, which generally impedes the ability of themselves and others to truly listen to the speech. That’s just a fact.

      Try not being an overly passive-aggressive feminist, ‘kay?

      • Ann Burlingham

        I’m not sure someone who doesn’t know if ageism is “a thing” merits a reply.

        Try researching “ageism” and “assumptions”.

  • pam

    This was the only redeeming aspect of an otherwise vapid and meaningless awards show. Kudos to Chris (a.k.a. Ashton) for using this opportunity with a captive teenage audience to say something relevant and wonderful! I’m not sure if any other teens watching this caught it; but MY DAUGHTER did! And after commercial after commercial of the Acuvue company telling her she will never achieve her dreams or be successful because she wears glasses (and telling her to convince us to buy her contact lenses) it was refreshing to hear a celebrity tell her that; indeed, she is beautiful – because she is smart, generous, and thoughtful. And truly, this is what matters. She took notice, and that made my heart happy!

    • fakegramita

      the overall message is great, but… on a practical level, how is buying glasses really different from buying contacts, haha. Both pretty much still amount to using some external device to fix something about yourself- even if you ignore the aesthetic implication I assume you’re getting at.

  • texassa

    Holy shit. I kept seeing people post about this and finally watched it. Nice job, Chris Ashton. These are the kinds of messages our youth need to be hearing. Thank you.

  • Cpt_Justice

    “& then I got my hooks into an older woman, & used her for all she was worth, until I thought I was established enough on my own, & so I dumped her for a younger woman.”

  • EllaSilverYeah!

    Oh my GOD shut up idiots.. you don’t even understand a word he’s saying so why do you keep screaming?

    And ashton dear, yes. Intelligence is super-sexy. That’s why you cheated on your wife with a brainless slag.

    But my favourite.. my FAVOURITE part? Is where he says that the world was built by people no smarter than these idiots.

    Seriously you guys? This was a PR grab if ever there was one.

    • fakegramita

      LOL seriously. I like to think I’m a pretty smart guy, but if the world was filled with people no smarter than me, we’d probably still be in the stone ages haha. He’s got some good messages in there though- if kids look up to him, I guess you can’t hate on it too much, whether if was for the right reasons or not.

  • Felix H. Brown, III

    Ashton– er, Chris, is telling it like it is! THANK YOU!

  • Tom Charters

    It is a breath of fresh air to hear a Hollywood celebrity speak about something useful. Thank you Chris for giving me a reason to hope Hollywood will produce authentic role models like yourself. I look at the opportunity Justin flushed down his Canadian toilet because he is to immature to be on the road touring. He turned a great career into a junkie’s paradise and his once beautiful voice into background noise.

  • KMontreal

    Why the nasty comment about teen girls? Watch the video — there was attentive silence whenever he was speaking. “Be generous’, says Ashton/Chris,,,yeah, uh huh; harder than typical cheap shots at girls’ expense.

  • civius

    This was an amazing speech I am so glad that he had these amazing words to say to all these children watching everywhere.

  • Dale Belcher

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