Bo Pelini smashes player’s cell phone with a hammer in elaborate prank

Be advised: Nebraska Cornhuskers coach Bo Pelini will not take you to the movies until he has successfully pranked you into thinking he’s a crazy person.

With the help of 5th year senior Thad Randle, Pelini recently pulled off an elaborate prank that targeted his entire team. During one of Pelini’s recent team meetings (in which there is a strict ‘no cell phone’ policy), Randle’s cell phone “accidentally” rang, sending Pelini into a fit of rage. He quickly left the meeting room, returned with a hammer and smashed the living daylights out of the guilty cellular device.

Randle left the room in disgust and was soon followed by Pelini, and the two pretended to exchange some heated words, possibly more, in the hallway while the rest of the team was left awkwardly sitting in silence. A couple Cornhuskers attempted to intervene in the hallway dispute, the others just sat there hoping Randle didn’t kill Pelini.

Then, a slide flashed on the projector with the words “GOT YA! We’re going to a movie tonight. -Bo”, revealing the elaborate hoax and sending the room into a frenzy of simultaneous confusion, relief and joy.

[Big Ten Network]

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