Brian Westbrook successfully delivers the worst tweet in the history of Twitter

Listen, I know there have been a lot (and I mean A LOT) of controversial, ignorant, and just plain idiotic tweets in the handful of years that Twitter has been a social media powerhouse but, in my opinion, the one Brian Westbrook delivered yesterday takes the cake:





But really…

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I guess I can understand not really understanding the hype or choosing to stay away from it, but to not even know what Breaking Bad is? Completely unacceptable.

Somebody drop a knowledge bomb on this mofo.


Newsflash, Westbrook: It’s only the best show currently on TV.


Next time do some research before you click the ‘Tweet’ button around these parts.

And it would appear that Westbrook didn’t take too kindly to his followers blaming his lack of popular television knowledge on his history of concussions.

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Pete Blackburn
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