Dave Chappelle is making a comeback in stand-up


Chappelle’s Show was once one of the best shows on TV, but Dave inexplicably left the show and ultimately left a 50 million dollar contract on the table. Now he is headlining the Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Festival, which is presented by Funny or Die, and travels to 15 different cities starting in Austin, Texas. In the years after his successful stint on Chappelle’s Show he made frequent trips to soul search in Africa. After a time period of dealing with own personal issues he is now making a case for a new and improved Dave 2.0.

Here is an excerpt from The New York Times feature article:

Mr. Chappelle has tiptoed back into the public eye over the last year. While he has stayed away from movies and television, he still drops in pretty often on comedy clubs and occasionally theaters, usually in surprise appearances that generate more rumors of a comeback. Beyond the Oddball Festival, Chris Rock has said Mr. Chappelle may join him on his stand-up tour next year. Since seeing him perform at the start of the year, I have noticed an increased urgency in his comedy by the summer. A show I saw in San Francisco in March was charismatic if chaotic: freewheeling, improvisational and full of crowd work. But when I caught three of his shows in June down South, his act was very different: polished, thematically unified, less work in progress than test run.

[New York Times]

Chappelle has spent a lot of time away from what he does best, but his desertion of his widely acclaimed television show could be a blessing in disguise. Based on his recent appearances in comedy clubs he has used his time away to take a deep breath and develop a new persona. He has apparently taken on a refreshing stage personality stemming from deep down, which hopefully proves him capable of reaching the top once again. Whether that be on TV or on stand-up tours it will be nice to have the comedic genius back on the map.

Here are some of his best moments on the show that we so desperately miss:

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