Enjoy this compilation of Dennis Drinkwater’s refusal to flinch at foul balls, set to the tune of “Never Scared”

Dennis Drinkwater is pretty much a legend around Red Sox Nation. The ‘Giant Glass’ owner has sat in his first row seat behind home plate at nearly every Red Sox home game for the past decade or so. He’s become quite infamous for his ability to be the first one in the park to celebrate home runs, and for his refusal to flinch at speeding foul balls heading right for his face.

A friend of the site, Ben Meadows, put together this hilarious montage of Drinkwater not being fazed by foul balls and laid it over Bonecrusher’s “Never Scared.” A more perfect combination I have never seen.

Thanks, Ben.

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Pete Blackburn
Founder & lead editor of The Nosebleeds. Journalism graduate of Endicott College, Class of 2013. Boston born & raised.
  • Shawn McArdle

    Does it bother you at all that you stole someone else’s material? Fucking losers

  • StoJa

    This video was awesome when I saw it LAST WEEK. On Barstool Sports.

  • Matthew Potocko

    Congrats on blatantly stealing from the stool.

  • Matthew Potocko

    Congrats on blatantly stealing from the Stool. You embarrassment.

  • Matt

    El Pres! Bring down the hammer on these fools! Jews don’t like it when you take their material!

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  • eat it

    same 3 clips played over and over….dumb

  • bosston

    yea but google “manny ramirez walk off 07 ALDS” and watch the clown run off like his depends werent secure enough..who does that?