Here is your new favorite sport, Unicycle Football

Here are some highlights from a unicycle football game that went down yesterday between the Unicychos and Los Bierdos. From what I can gather in watching this highlight reel you are considered down when you are knocked off your unicycle, but in an attempt to kick, throw, or catch the football you are allowed to jump off your unicycle.

Is it really that easy to ride one of these? These guys are pulling jukes out of their asses by spinning, pedaling backwards, and weaving through the opposing team. This is about as American as competitive sports can get. Combine a circus act with one of the most violent sports out there and you get greatness. This guy “Crazy Horse” looks like he runs the show because he is the Aaron Rodgers of the sport. I need to get invited to this event ASAP because I want to be able to say I was there before ESPN covered this sport on their network. This is the future ladies and gentlemen, and there is no denying it.

Here is the UFL website about page:

The Unicycle Football League is the first organization in the world (that we know of, anyways) where American football is played completely on unicycles. The rules are constantly evolving as ridership and skill level increases.

A basic breakdown of gameplay is as follows:

  • We play 5 on 5, using flags.
  • Plays can only be made while on your unicycle. Once you fall off of your unicycle, you must get back on before you can affect the play.
  • If you dismount the unicycle with the ball, you are down.
  • We play 4 quarters with a halftime, and most games we have two referees and line judges.
  • Touchdowns are 6 points. After a touchdown a team can opt to kick a field goal from the unicycle (2 points), or go for a one-point conversion.
  • In Unicycle Football, the traditional coin toss is replaced by a joust on unicycles.

Ok, maybe it all sounds a little crazy. Most people won’t really “get” unicycle football until they come out to see it first hand. Basically, it is the most kick ass sport in existence. If you are interested in playing, come out to one of our games or practices. Anyone can play! Those under 18 must sign a waiver to play in the league. If you don’t know how to ride a unicycle…no problem! We have extra unicycles and plenty of people willing to teach new riders. Thanks to our generous sponsors Ozone Bikes and The Hub, we are able to get new riders on unicycles for ridiculously cheap prices. Support your local bike shop!

Look at that. They are even holding clinics for those of us not talented enough to ride a unicycle. Do competitive sports get any better than this? I think not.


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