Ian Kinsler hits controversial inside-the-park home run, Chris Sale freaks the hell out

Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler hit a controversial inside-the-park home run off of the White Sox’s Chris Sale last night in Chicago. As you can see in the video above, Kinsler smacked a third inning pitch down the left field line, where the balled rolled into the drainage track under the outfield wall. White Sox left fielder Dayan Viciedo went after it but, for some reason, when he noticed it was under the wall he backed off and raised his hands trying to get the umpire to call it ground rule double.

But the umpire did no such thing, and Kinsler kept hustling all the way around the bases. It’s not very often you see a guy hit an inside-the-park homer where there isn’t even a slide involved.

Kinsler’s homer was one of four (the other three went over the fence) allowed on the night by Sale, who was none to pleased about umpire Jerry Layne’s ruling on Kinsler’s 11th homer of the year. After exchanging some heated words with Layne, Sale headed to the dugout to unleash some fury on an ice cooler – providing us with this fantastic GIF:


[GIF via FTW]

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Pete Blackburn
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