James Franco will have his own TV show because he really isn’t that busy


James Franco has announced that he will be starring in a new cable television show ”James Franco Presents”, which will be about his own professional endeavors in 10 hourlong episodes premiering in November. Oh, and he will also be the executive producer of the show, go figure.

Franco has taken classes at pretty much every university you’ve ever heard of. He has excelled as an actor, director, writer, cinematographer, editor, teacher, and painter. He is constantly running around trying to grab roles in every movie while writing scripts for films adapted from classic American literature.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, because he isn’t really that busy…he will take his talents to television. Here is the Variety interview with the television network Ovation’s CCO Robert Weiss below:

“Presents” will also venture beyond Franco’s own work to highlight everything from interesting trends in the art world to other up-and-coming artists.

Although the series delves into Franco’s life, Ovation CCO Robert Weiss characterized “Presents” not as a reality show but an “anthology docuseries.”

“The show sees the word of art through James’ eyes,” he said. “All the different exploits that James is involved in, this show encompasses.”

While Franco appears in every episode as the host introducing each segment, his screen time will vary depending on how much he himself is a subject of each hour.

“Presents” is a coup for Ovation, an independent arts-and-entertainment cable network in 50 million homes across the U.S. With Franco on board, the network is bringing another high-profile figure to make the arts world sexy; Anna Wintour toplines unscripted series “The Fashion Fund” in December and imported British acquisition “Young Doctors’ Notebook” stars Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe.”

“This series with James Franco is the biggest series to ever be on Ovation,” said Weiss.

“Presents” marks Franco’s first primetime series since his breakthrough role on the NBC dramedy “Freaks & Geeks,” which bowed in 1999. He’s kept busy in other dayparts, having made notable appearances as varied as “The Academy Awards,” “General Hospital” and “Saturday Night Live.”

Franco will next be seen Sept. 2 as the guest of honor on the “Comedy Central Roast.”

“Presents” is produced by Ovation Studios and Franco’s shingle, Rabbit Bandini Prods.


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