‘Jett Jackson’ star found dead from self-inflicted gunshot wound


Lee Thompson Young, the former Disney child star who played the title role on The Famous Jett Jackson, was found dead in his Los Angeles area home on Monday.

The 29-year old Young, whose body was discovered by a landlord, was found dead with what police believe was a self-inflicted shotgun wound.

Aside from his childhood work as Jett Jackson, Young more recently appeared in the 2004 film Friday Night Lights as running back Chris Comer and in a regular role on TNT series Rizzoli & Isles. 

Story is still developing, but obviously some pretty sad news to report.

Update: Young’s publicist confirms the actor killed himself.

“It is with great sadness that I announce that Lee Thompson Young tragically took his own life this morning … Lee was more than just a brilliant young actor, he was a wonderful and gentle soul who will be truly missed.”


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Pete Blackburn
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  • DJRickyV

    Kid had looks, fame, probably money…and at a young age. Hard to imagine what kind of personal pain caused him to do that. RIP

    • chinadoll81

      Everything you name is materialistic and meaningless and it’s also sad in order to consider to have a great life you have to have all what you claim. Sometimes people in Hollywood pretend to be something else because the real them or their real life is something they can’t handle. According to you if everybody in the world had what he had the world will be ok but just like him how many do you know with a looks, fortune and fame took their lives. So I guess those few measly things you’ve stated aren’t worth a damn! You’ll never see a Brinks truck following a hertz. Your statement is kind of like someone wishing they could sing and can’t understand why a singer took their own life because they had such a beautiful voice and the talent that they had allow them to have those things you claim you can’t understand why somebody would take their life for. You and everybody that like your comment need to take a look at life and see what’s really important……you might realize its nothing that you named

      • michael granato

        Dude be quite yes we know money and fame does not equal happiness. But dam it’s sad to lose such a talented young man with his whole life ahead of him. For someone like him to feel no way out I just don’t buy it.

        • chinadoll81

          I’m not a dude first of all and secondly your comment has nothing to do with my statement. My statement was referring to the part of the previous statement as to why would somebody take the life because he had looks, fame and fortune. Why don’t you be quiet or comprehend what is being said instead of just reading it

          • michael granato

            Angry gal aren’t you China? Calm down, sorry for calling you a dude should have read your name first, but I read and comprehended everything you said. i just don’t see a reason to bite someones head off for saying what DJRicky said. It makes perfect sense to me. I personally don’t believe he killed himself.

          • chinadoll81

            Bored or either a lonely guy aren’t you Michael? I didn’t bite the head off of anybody I just pointed out the obvious stupidity in his comment! If you would have done what I’ve said by reading and comprehending then you wouldn’t have had a second comment. Like you personally I could care less about what you think but what I did comment on this stupid things that the previous person said that he couldn’t understand why someone would take their life. Now go do some homework little child and when you start thinking on an adult level holla back but by then I think I will be a grandmother and would have totally forgot this conversation! Life has moved on squirt and so should you. I often said women that are whores are the nastiest things on this earth but sometimes when I read certain comment I think they do a wonderful “job” by swallowing instead of conceiving on certain nights.it’s sad when someone think you’re by the head off of someone else when you’re only pointing out the obvious stupidity in a comment. It’s only a comment…….did something you yet to understand make you upset? If so then good because now you’re thinking and that’s where that thing called comprehending start! That is all

          • michael granato

            Halla back? Sure, you think like an adult.

          • chinadoll81

            you see how I stoop down to your level in one sentence and that’s the one sentence you got verses everything else I said! like I said before holla back kiddo or squirt( you pick which one you like best)…. sometimes it’s best to just shut up! that’s coming from the adult side in me :-) it’s time to go to bed now you have to catch the bus in the morning…… short one but indeed a bus

          • michael granato

            First off you are wrong in more ways then one. DJRickyV stated, “Kid had looks, fame, probably money…and at a young age. Hard to imagine what kind of personal pain caused him to do that. RIP” You said, and I quote, ” I didn’t bite the head off of anybody I just pointed out the obvious stupidity in his comment!” That in itself is a hypocritical statement. Ricky pointed out that he couldn’t even imagine what could have been so horrible in this mans life to cause him to kill himself. Yes, China everyone has demons in their lives even the rich, beautiful, and famous. However, he didn’t say, “Why wasn’t he happy?” He just pointed out obvious qualities that should have made him realize how blessed he was. Apparently most people understood exactly what he was saying because he has 45 likes currently. Next is between us, and I honestly can’t understand most of what you’re saying assuming your Chinese accent is being typed, but I know you’re mad. I honestly don’t know how many times you had to edit your post just to get you’re point across. Learn to write correctly the first time. You’re so angry and for what? Someone died. Thomson is the only reason for this entire conversation. Where did we stray? DJ and I are not retarded, slow or ride a short bus because we have something to say you may not agree with. But you certainly have anger issues that need to be addressed.

          • ashleyjussayin

            I see why China Doll had so much fun with you! You still have yet to comprehend anything she said! As if 45 idiots can’t agree and thumbs up another idiot comment, you have more idiots than that in DC…. The people that run this country!!!! So since you couldn’t get it I’ll try to break it down. Basically china doll was only trying to point out as to why should someone think that money fame and fortune should stop someone from killing themself. Point blank!!!!! That’s it! And here you go writing an essay still not comprehending one point she was trying to make in her comment! I don’t think she’s upset I think she has you mad because you’re writing books while she’s making comments you still have yet to comprehend. I’ll agree with her you might need to go to bed because the short bus is coming to pick you up at any moment now. But here’s what I don’t get, you can’t see that she was trying to make you make yourself look like an idiot which she successfully did! I also notice she also uses the word comprehend a lot. Do you know what that word means because if so like she said previously you would have had a second comment. Whoever she is she’s very clever because you pointed out 45 other idiots that couldn’t comprehend! The irony of the whole situation has me crying from laughing so hard!

          • ashleyjussayin

            Lol, good one

          • ashleyjussayin

            That’s the best you could do with all that she said! LMFAO! No wonder she’s having so much fun with you.

          • michael granato

            Ok now I’m confused.

          • ashleyjussayin

            I know

          • michael granato

            While you’re making fun of me and this whole situation, you seem to understand statements like, “You’ll never see a Brinks truck following a hertz” WTF does this mean? Or huge run ons such as, “Your statement is kind of like someone wishing they could sing and can’t understand why a singer took their own life because they had such a beautiful voice and the talent that they had allow them to have those things you claim you can’t understand why somebody would take their life for” You’re a weird troll Ash. Weird and I hope you die and never reproduce.

          • Jo

            I was trying to figure out what that meant as well. I think maybe China meant “You’ll never see a Brinks truck following a HEARSE.” I started skimming after that. China sounds like a prig. (Yes, China, I meant “prig,” not “prick.” Look the word up. Yes, I am rudely presuming that you don’t know what it means.) You’re laughable, too, Ashley. Your overuse of exclamation points is nauseating.

            Sorry all for continuing the usurpation of this comments section. I realize I’m learning this news months late, but I originally wanted to say that this is a terrible event and I send my condolences to his family and friends.

          • chinadoll81

            I love when people make up other accounts so they won’t look so stupid because they yet to understand as well. Nice try though! Just shut up because you and Michael are in that same sinking boat on your voyage to see if the world is actually flat. Let’s see if you comprehend any of what was said you inbred pig smelling hick. You know dummies are the last one to figure things out thank me for giving you a head start on others. I take it your parents are also your aunt and uncle. So I’ll start speaking in your native tongue……….get er done. You might be a redneck if someone tries to break down a word and you still can’t get it! I bet me saying things like that make you feel like you at home . I’m done with you squirt and I’ll repeat it again I’m done with you squirt. Let’s see how long this reply will be if you don’t have one you got it if not it wouldn’t be shocking. And as far as education wise it’s kind of sad when I came to America I was 16 and the 12th grade and had a 21 year old white guys sitting beside me still trying to cheat off me! I may not be able to speak it very well but I bet you are comprehended way more than you ever have and now I’m sure you been in this country your whole life. Now let’s not get upset and go shoot up the school a movie theater because somebody made you mad and yet people like you always want to point the finger at black people while you can go to school without any empathy and shoot up 20 to 30 innocent kids all because somebody told you no or made you feel like an idiot

          • Jo

            You fool, no one made up an extra account to disagree with you–you truly are a prig. After reading yor first sentence, I skimmed the rest of your drivel since your words aren’t worthy of my full attention, but I just wanted to inform you that I myself am black. Stop being a presumptuous, antagonistic git.

          • chinadoll81

            Oh now we’re name calling because ashley read and comprehend what I was saying . So let me break it down for you and the other slow people. My very first reply was to a comment and would someone stated they cannot understand why someone would take their life because they have looks fame and fortune nothing mental but looks s
            ,fame and fortune hence the saying you will never find a Brinks truck following a Funeral hearse. Basically saying all the things that he have he couldn’t understand why somebody killed himself on and nothing more than materialistic. Do you get what I’m saying now or do I have to give you another explanation I think I do. The Egyptians try to take it with them but to no avail. Did you get it now? This shit that you thought that was important is not

          • michael granato

            Oh hearse!!! lol

          • chinadoll81

            Still? What I meant about a Brinks truck following a hearse is basically saying to the idiot that thinks someone shouldn’t kill himself because the fame and fortune I basically was saying a Brinks truck which carries money would never follow a hearse and you can’t take it with you when you’re dead and it sure can’t help you from killing yourself! What part of that statement didn’t you get because that was all I was saying. Ashley got it! And the irony of you saying I don’t even understand what you talking about by the Brinks truck links back to fame and fortune. If that’s the case why did Kurt Cobain kill himself. You know why? Its just certain things same and fortune cannot help which is the basis of my comment. Or do you need further assistance in understanding. Do you get it now or do you need Hooked on Phonics. If you get it set at this statement it will only be you’re getting upset at yourself and realizing how stupid you have been! That word comprehend is something else isn’t it! Lmao. Happy new year because I’m sure you’ll still be trying to figure out what I’m talking about in the year 2014

          • michael granato

            I was replying to Ashy dimwit. lol

          • Hello

            I don’t believe he killed himself either. Had no reason to.

      • ashleyjussayin

        Very true

  • Brett Lavin

    Hhmm.. it had to be on a monday…

  • galleymac

    Awful, awful. Poor kid. We need so much more awareness of depression in our culture.

  • georgiegirls

    So very sad. May he be at peace.

  • Sonal Sharma Pune

    Hey Guys you are so handsome. i love you and want to friendship you.
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  • Glenn Davey

    So jealous…. wish I had a gun :/

    • Miss Susan

      y would u say that? travel if u can, it always makes life better

  • Elaine Soucy

    R.I.P. <3

  • Star Redman Claiborne

    I am in shock that is so crazy I loved Jett Jackson and I followed Young into his adult career. Wow is all I can say. This is so damn tragic and sad

  • Miss Susan

    indeed, we all need a couple of friends around us to notice when we aren’t at our best moments, R.I.P beautiful man. wonder though wat med u pull the trigger

  • SAnn Wood

    This whole thing seems a little fishy. Everyone talks about how they knew him and had no idea he had any kind of problem. I dont care what anyone says, someone is going to know if this guy was depressed, or had any sort of emotional problems. Even if it was just one person. Someone knew something. It just doesnt add up. You never heard anything about this guy in the tabloids or the news. He seemed to have a steady and respected career. I do understand that sometimes you just do not know what someone is going thru. However, I think that most people have at least one person in their lives that know when something is not right. They always assume that just cause they find a gunshot wound to the head and a gun its a suicide. It could be a murder.

    • Amy

      My dear SAnnWood, you are absolutely right. I use myself as a case in point. I am going thru some situations right now – not so crazy but to me they are so depressing and stressful bcos I have never been thru such situations in my life. I live alone, not much friends and no family here. I decided to move in with a friend so she can ‘watch’ me. I have a fantastic place and enjoy my privacy but in this situation, privacy out of the window rather than me jumping out the window. I have been on treatment for depression but I dont like where my thoughts are going. I cannot ever imagine killing myself but believe me, it could happen. Thank God I recognize I have problems and need someone to HELP me. Being alone when you have ‘mental challenges’ is not the best advise. Someone surely must be aware of what this beautiful dude was going thru no matter how much he tries hides it. The cemetery just ate a handsome guy.

      • Angelic beauty

        We all have challenges in our lives that we face, but the sun will soon shine again. In 2008 i thought for sure that i would commit suicide. The thoughts bombarded me everyday. Eventually, they stopped because i never lost hope, that things could change for the better.. Hang in there and DONT stop hoping. Also your having Intrusive Thoughts. You may be afraid to take your life but those Intrusive Thoughts are saying opposite. Check out The Secret…your life will change

    • marcymrp

      As the mother/ live in caregiver of a 35 year old schizophrenic son, I can tell you that you CAN’T always tell what’s going on. Oh yeah, I KNOW he’s mentally ill….that got impossible for him to hide 10 years ago, but STILL, I don’t know when he is entering the “red zone” of crisis until he goes off the deep end and takes a LOT of OTC meds to try and escape the evil voice in his head! He’s already on pain meds and psych meds, but when he is overwhelmed, he sneaks out and gets these other meds that he SAYS dull the voice in his head….it doesn’t, but it causes an amnesiac effect that makes him think he got a break from it! Depression isn’t the ONLY thing to cause suicidal thoughts. I could live through depression a LOT sooner than I could live through anxiety! A lot of highly productive people experience anxiety and it can make you jump off a mountain to get away from THAT feeling! God bless his family… I wish he had called out for help!!!

      • Michael Black

        Live through depression a lot sooner than anxiety? Hah. Depression is completely different from anxiety and shouldn’t be compared. And anxiety isn’t what makes you want to jump off a building….it’s depression….anxiety and depression go hand in hand.

        • The pendleton

          Mr. Black, anxiety could bring you to the brink of wanting to harm yourself because it is an overwhelming feeling that has you feeling so far out of control. Depression can also make you do the same. Anxiety has many different levels. Often times anxiety can be linked to other illnesses such as depression (as you stated), lack of social skills, low-self esteem. Although anxiety alone is not as likely to bring someone to suicide, it is possible, I do agree there. I also stand with you that neither should be compared. Some people may live in a fantasy of if I didn’t have this and had that I would be better off not realizing the other brings other issues that are not easy to live with either

  • SolDeus

    WW2 vets are just a little bit safe.

    • Patrick Nwachukwu

      Motherfuckers like you have no shame

  • melissa

    This doesn’t add up at all what was going on such a good guy I just would like 2 know prayers going up 4 his family….RIP JETT

  • Chris Hammerberg

    Truthfully it is possible no one would suspect such a tragic end to someone. No matter how much you think you know someone you really cannot fathom the depths that people can sink too. He might have shown depression signs. Most people have dealt with depression of some sort in their lifetimes. It is a cowards act to end your own life though, your end has impact many people. Also you cannot be with a person 100% of the time to watch them, even if you know there is a potential problem, there will be opportunity for them to act when no one can stop them or talk them down. People that want to step out will find a way around those that seek to keep them around.

  • Curtis

    OMG he killed himself (if he actually did it) on my birthday!

    I watch Rizzoli and Isles religiously…and like most around my age, I watched enough Jett Jackson.

    This one really hurts for me :(

  • Terri Barnes

    so sad.

  • Hoot Hootie

    That is so sad. I liked him on a number of TV shows and he seemed to have everything going for him. But you never know.

  • Sean

    How can you feel bad for anyone that takes their own life? We need those people out of this world. Its a privilege to be alive. If he kills someone else, its considered murder so why does everyone feel sad for him when he kills himself? Hes a coward. PERIOD!

    • Divine

      You’re crazy…….I hope u neva hv to experience the type pf pain these people went thru……..maybe u wouldn’t b such a sick insensitive bastard then……probably turn out a psychopath which is worse.#smh

      • Sean

        These people? Who are you referring to when you say “these people”. He murdered himself. Why are you sticking up for someone who committed murder? Taking your own life is not an option. Everyone goes through hard times and no one has to right to murder anyone, including themselves. Those people do not deserve to be praised. Everyone has a short period of time to live, embrace it for what it is.

        • Divine

          FYI I am not supporting them. What I am trying to say is
          that suicide is a very delicate issue and you are being insensitive about it. “These people” ( meaning people that have committed suicide or that think of it) have loved ones. Think about the kind of pain someone would be passing through to take his own life, to forever separate himself from his loved one. You don’t experience that pain and I pray you never have to. Think of the pain his loved ones are passing through now. Quit being so insensitive.

          • Sean

            I understand your point, but I do not agree with it. We have no idea how this guy felt or what he was going through but in my mind nothing is worth taking someones life, especially your own. Only a coward does that. EVERYONE has very hard times to deal with and everyone deals with them in different ways. I cannot feel sorry for someone who takes away their gift of life. There is no excuse for that.I feel terrible for his family because those are the people this coward hurts most.

          • The pendleton

            Sean, perhaps you have never dealt with the things he dealt with. Perhaps you are a fighter and a survivor. You are right nothing is worse than someone taking a life that God granted and created. He likely hurt many people and many people may feel bad because they will look back and seethe signs they missed because they were self absorbed or perhaps they will feel bad because inside their mind they have this exaggerated thought of their importance and ability to inflict their thoughts and will on others for their life. The truth is in the end it is their life and God grants self will and that choice has to be respected ..No where in the Bible have I ever seen where Sucicide sends you straight to hell (not that you said that)/
            All I am saying is find some compassion. In that compassion maybe there will be more outreach into holding strong for life

          • Sean

            You are doing exactly what you are asking me not to do. You are assuming there was more to this… I’m a very compassionate person but I do not nor will I ever have sympathy for someone who takes their own life. There’s nothing that can happen in your life that makes it okay for one to commit suicide. Life is a gift and you need to treat it like that. And you are a moron if you think suicide will not send you straight to hell. It is a mortal sin to commit murder. Suicide is murder. He is and will forever be remembered as a coward. You are standing up for a murderer when you don’t even know if there was anything else going on with him inside, even though it does not matter. Bottom line is he ended a life that he had no right to end! Stick to the facts don’t make assumptions. Please don’t make excuses for people like this.

          • The pendleton

            maybe you feel as if I am judging you and I am not. I am asking you to put on someones elses mocs and walk awhile. You never know the secrets someone holds. I do not desire or want anyone to take their life. I however on a spiritual journey believe that life is more than just what we deal with naturally but rather understand the scripture that we do not war against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities (paraphrasing). I believe that it is spiritual oppression and the lack of faith the enables one to fall so far down that they take their own life. Some people do not have the fight others have. The mind is a delicate thing. Obviously there is something going on or he would not have taken his life. I have not degraded you or called you names; how is it that you treat people so terrible and spew the placing of the afterlife? ….as I said before what ever you give out you will receive. Be careful on that soap box. If it isn’t a soapbox because you have been hurt that someone dear to you took their life it wasn’t that they meant to leave you in the midst of chaos but rather their lack of self worth that caused them to believe you were better off without them. You can get angry and send an ugly message which will only prove that it is logical. You may even spew hate because you are the big bully and smell fear so you bite into who you feel is weak so that you can prove to yourself that you are strong …The truth is you and I do not sit on the seat of judgment and cannot delegate the entrance into heaven or hell.
            take care of yourself ..Love. peace, gentleness, self-control, kindness, is all there for you

          • Sean

            Lets also feel bad for these people who go to schools and shoot up kids, and for suicide bombers…because we don’t know what they were going through. Maybe they had a great reason for doing these things, right? You are an idiot. Read the article and respond to it, don’t add to it dont assume things. Wake up and join the real world, suicide is not the answer buddy…PERIOD!

          • The pendleton

            i am notsaying it is an accepatable choice. I have a question. Sampsons action was that of murder and suicide. He asked God for the strength and God graced him with the ribbon of Mercy, In his single act he killled many men and himself. Was that not a suicide? Was he not Gods beloved?

          • Sean

            Stop straying and stick to the topic. Jett Jackson is a coward and I haven’t seen or heard anyone talk about him since, as they shouldn’t. Quit feeling sorry for people you never even knew. Don’t assume there’s more to it, take it as it is…a suicide…nothing more. We need not celebrate these people.

    • The pendleton

      Whatever you give out, you will receive. You lack compassion and you will receive that lack in return. You have no idea what happened in his world, the secrets that he holds, the violations of his life, the abuse, or the mental instabilities that plague his family. He may not be a coward but a victim of something you may not understand….

  • Robert J Harvey

    It’s always sad to see talented entertainers so overcome with personal demons that the only solution they turn to is suicide. He was a talented young man who, I feel, only showed us a fraction of his potential. Fairwell Mr. Young, I hope you’ve found peace.

  • Doukn Miname

    Blacks do kill themselves. There is no if about it.

  • Leeena

    this some distraction from whats really going on the world!

  • Jake Hall

    i recently started rewatching FlashForward again and seeing the scene where he commits suicide to save a womans life in the future made me way sadder than it did the first time i saw it.

  • Odhiambo

    Am shocked. the first time i saw him was on smallville . i didnt even know his name till today but i liked him when i saw him in other programs

  • Johnnie Brown

    Isn’t that…on a scale of one to taye diggs