Kevin Durant shows no mercy in 1-on-1 games against tiny campers

During the Outdoors Kevin Durant Basketball ProCamp in Norman, Oklahoma this week, Durant took on some of his mini campers in a game of 1-on-1. You’d think that  a dude who’s nearly seven feet tall and one of the best basketball players in the world would cut some developing ballers some slack, but not a chance. Durant faced up with the campers and shut them down, even going so far as to swat their shots into the next hemisphere.

I guess there’s no ‘Off’ switch for some competitors.



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Pete Blackburn
Founder & lead editor of The Nosebleeds. Journalism graduate of Endicott College, Class of 2013. Boston born & raised.
  • tax payer

    I see nothing wrong because he’s showing them they have to shoot ( far away ) from having someone block their shots. It’s all in fun and these isn’t what he is, but he has to show them you have to look for an open shot.

  • Bernard Sandow

    Who the hell are you to comment on what is right and wrong? There are 2 sides to every story. Have you ever heard of tough love. Maybe that is his approach and if it is what is wrong with that?

    • thenosebleeds

      Calm down. I wasn’t saying Durant was “wrong”…this post wasn’t meant to be taken super seriously. I was joking around.

      • Brian Shannon

        I think it’s rather funny that he did that. My son played 1-on-1 with DeMarcus Cousins this summer (his 9) and Cousins did something similar with the kids. My son actually got a shot passed him and it rimmed out. He was just as excited as if he had made the shot.

        • thenosebleeds

          Yeah, it is pretty funny. Gives the kids some laughs & something to remember. Guarantee those kids don’t care about being stuffed, they’re just pumped to be around KD.

          • deloscraft

            ah…as the storm passes, the clouds clear and the sun begins to shine again…but you are right. Your comments to Shannon don’t stir the puddin’ nearly as well as your initial article did!

          • kdugz18

            You need to go outside more, deloscraft.

          • deloscraft

            ya’ think, kdugz18? Thanks for the advice!

      • deloscraft

        Just “joking around” eh ? Sounds to me as though you are back-peddaling in the face of Sandows’ criticism of your comments.

        • thenosebleeds

          Pretty clear you haven’t read a lot of other things on this blog. We’re not the New York Times. We like to have fun. Lighten up.

          • deloscraft

            You are correct. This is the first TNB piece I have read. Now that you have admitted to being, at best, a second-class entity (“we’re not the New York Times”) I’ll keep that in mind next time I see your by-line.

  • Tommy_Fitz

    I can’t see anything positive from this activity….he should be showing them how to play defense using footwork instead of slapping balls in the seats.

  • JJfan

    Maybe he’s trying to teach them how to live with reality, and how to improve upon it.

    • ColdZ

      Or maybe hes just having fun with them…….

      • JJfan

        That’s certainly possible. A little of both would be fine with me.

        • ColdZ


  • waynem1040

    My nephew Gregg’s camp – they give the kids terrific coaching and
    as you can see they make it fun too! Does 105 of ‘em across all major

  • ColdZ

    Ok anyone who thought that this was “real” give your freakin head a shake. Obviously done for comedic purposes


    • thenosebleeds


      • ColdZ

        Cant find your original comment but Im guessing by some of your responses to others that its has been confirmed

        People of the internet dont get sarcasm ;-)

  • deloscraft

    Hey nosebleeds…those little kids could not have cared less that Durant blocked their shots and, I dare say, that they expected someone of Durants’ size and experience to do so. I can hear their comments on the way home…”how far’d he knock your shot ” ? ” ’bout a mile”…”Wow” ! Plus what if there had been one kid, one ‘sleeper’, who put a move on Durant and dropped one through from twenty feet? Lucky shot or budding basketball star?

  • 11phenomenon

    Get over it. He was having a little fun while teaching the kids how to play.

    • ColdZ


  • Keith Alberson

    Aw that’s funny, they should make a commercial out of this one, thanks Kevin. I got a real kick out of that one, those kids will remember that one the rest of there life’s. I had my shot blocked by Lynette Woodard when i was a kid, all the kids in the gym laughed, these kids will too.

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