LeBron finally concedes to his hairline, shaves head bald


It’s the day we all pretty much knew was coming – LeBron has conceded victory to his retreating hairline.

After years of snide and snark comments about losing his hair, James has finally decided to shave it all off and go with a bald look. Business Insider’s Cork Gaines noticed the new look while LeBron was in the Philippines for Nike’s “Witness History Tour.” You can check out a picture above.

Does this mean all LeBron’s haters are going to shut up and go away now? Probably not, but they’ll have to look for some ammunition now.

Via Buzzfeed, here’s an idea of what James might look like on the court with his new ‘do.


Looks pretty good if you ask me. I, however, am pretty upset that I won’t get to see this timeline come to fruition.



For more of the best pics & photoshops of LeBron’s hairline, head here.

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