Listen to Lady Gaga’s first ARTPOP single – “Applause”


After previews of Lady Gaga’s first single, “Applause,” leaked on to the internet, the popstar decided to push up the date of her first ARTPOP single to today. This is an official release from Lady Gaga unlike the other leak from last week.  Gaga spread the word about her sudden song release by reaching out to her 40 million Twitter followers saying:


This is quite the day for pop music, first Katy Perry releases her emoji filled lyric video to her latest single, “Roar,” then we get a 24 hour stream of a new John Mayer song, and now we’re hearing the first official release from ARTPOP. Craziness.

“Applause” is out now on iTunes and streaming on Lady Gaga’s YouTube page.  Her upcoming album, ARTPOP, is scheduled for a November 11th release date, but who knows maybe she’ll push up the date for that one too! Take a listen to the single below:

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