Matt Duchene buys autographed Bruins jersey for bullied Boston fan


In your most awesome “Random act of kindness” story of the day, Matt Duchene recently spent $2,000 on a signed Bruins jersey for a young B’s fan who had been enduring bullies at school.

Eleven-year old Trista Greer is from Ontario, but has developed a love for the Boston Bruins. It’s one of the many things that she has been picked on for by her middle school peers. With bullies at school keeping her spirits low, Trista’s father, Wayde, wanted to do something to cheer her up.

When Wayde found out that the charity golf tournament he would be attending to benefit Minden, Ontario – a town that was affected by severe flooding earlier this year – would have an auction that included a Bruins jersey signed by several of the team’s players, he successfully pooled $500 to try and win the jersey for his daughter.

Unfortunately, when the bidding for the jersey started rising above Wayde’s budget, he realized he could no longer win. Or could he?

Enter: Matt Duchene.

The 22-year old Colorado Avalanche star was also in attendance at the golf tournament, and just happened to be sitting at Wayde’s table during the auction. After talking to Wayde and hearing Trista’s story, Duchene told the girl’s father, “Get it for her. I’ve got you covered.”

As the bids kept going up, Wayde kept looking at Duchene, who told him to keep bidding. Once the price hit $1,600, Duchene held up two fingers – signaling a $2,000 bid – and the jersey was won.

Thanks to Duchene, Wayde was able to give Trista the jersey, complete with a “happy birthday” note from the Avalanche star.

Certainly looks like she enjoyed it. Take that, bullies.



[Minden Times]

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Pete Blackburn
Founder & lead editor of The Nosebleeds. Journalism graduate of Endicott College, Class of 2013. Boston born & raised.
  • Dave Burr

    Great example of why I love hockey! Any other sport have so many players with a heart like Matt Duchene? I don’t think so. Bravo Matt!

    • Sam

      An NFL player saved a woman from a burning car a week ago

      • Rob Grant

        clearly wasn’t that big of a moment/event if remembering the guys name is too much of a challenge…

  • Dave T

    What a great story! Left me with goosebumps and a smile. Matt is one of good guys!

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