Paul Bissonnette teaches Twitter hater a lesson in trolling


Over the past few years, Phoenix Coyotes forward Paul Bissonnette has become much more famous for his humor online than his abilities on the ice. The 28-year old forward has built one of the largest Twitter followings of any athlete in sports, but he also has no shortage of haters on the site who love to pester him with insults.

Bissonnette has a penchant for calling out these haters and responding with some insults of his own. Usually they’re pretty entertaining, but one of his latest was on a level of its own.

A man by the name of Matt Hogue has been building up a habit of sending some less-than-kind tweets Bissonnette’s way, even going as far as to call Paul “sewer scum”, and this week BizNasty finally decided to deal with him.

But Biz didn’t stop there. It appears that he decided to google Hogue’s name, and what he found provided him with ammunition of epic proportions.

It turns out that Hogue’s scumbaggery extends beyond just social media and he’s got quite the shady past. Bissonnette’s response was enough to make Hogue delete his Twitter account and go wallow in self-pity.

Here’s to you, Biz. You outdid yourself this time.

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Pete Blackburn
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  • Mark Schmeisser

    Paul was posting stories about the dude’s father, not the actual dude.

    • Guest

      Uhh, no. Those articles are about @MattHoagie

  • Rashida

    Serves him right

  • NFL Madness

    Before you start digging in other peoples closet looking for skeletons, make sure you don’t have any in yours.

  • Don Merkle

    BlackHawks WINNER….Bissonette a LOSER !! donWsox

    • desertdawg2

      Remember the last time the Blackhawks and Coyotes met in the playoffs? BlackHawks LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Don Merkle

        Some screw off in- head Hockey player…tried to Maim my man (did maim him)…….Big ‘Hoss Hossa’…shook it off and played on for the next year..carrys the Stanley Cup..BissoBully..never close enough to even get a smell of the CUP !! donWsox

  • yanges

    that is too funny! way to go Biz!!

    • Don Merkle

      Who won it 2010 & 2013. BlackHawks…Bruins in 2011 Kings 2012..coyopee’s NEVER ! Gretzey gone…he had enough of losers ! donWsox

  • yepsnoop

    ah the sad liberals on twitter. with no other way to vent their frstration. it must be why so many of them try their whole life to figure out a way they can be a minority of something.

  • Don Merkle

    Keep wailing Coyopee’s..only noise you make . donwsox

  • Anthony13

    What if this isn’t the same Matt Hogue? I’s stick to insults and stay away from potential libel/slander.

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