Rachel McAdams and James Franco team up in ‘Everything Will Be Fine’


According to The Hollywood Reporter Rachel McAdams will be joining the Wim Wenders film Everything Will Be Fine. James Franco will take the lead role as a writer who is responsible for the death of a young boy. As his career takes off he becomes detached from the deeply affected brother and mother of the young boy.  The brother will be played by Robert Naylor (Immortals), and the mother will be played by Charlotte Gainsbourg (Melancholia). Newly casted Rachel McAdams will play the girlfriend of the writer who becomes consumed in his daily mental struggle. They are currently filming the new project and it is due in theaters sometime in 2014.

Who doesn’t like McAdams, and who doesn’t like Franco. It is a pretty simple prediction to say that these two will fit together in a new film. And since James Franco is the latest hero of Hollywood it’s safe to say that we can trust him to take on any role. Whether his role be that of a dazed marijuana dealer, a great wizard, or a depressed writer, he is going to take this movie and make it his bitch. And then McAdams will make him her bitch. I think everything will be fine with this movie in 2014. I expect good things.

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