Rajai Davis rounds the bases on ball hit back to the pitcher

It may not technically count as an inside-the-park home run because it was aided by a couple errors, but Rajai Davis wound up circling the entire diamond on a ball hit back to the pitcher during last night’s Blue Jays-Red Sox game in Toronto.

Davis lined a ball of Jon Lester’s leg, Lester attempted to scoop up the ball on the ricochet and toss it to first base. When Lester’s toss got by the first baseman and trickled down the right field line, the speedy Davis took second and then went for third. Shane Victorino attempted to gun down Davis at third base, but his throw took an unlucky bounce and deflected off of Davis and into foul territory. Seeing this, Davis took off for home and wound up scoring on the play.

The Jays announcers dubbed it a “little league home run.” Whatever you want to call it, it was an embarrassing sequence of events for the Red Sox.

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Pete Blackburn
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