Read a jailhouse letter from Aaron Hernandez in which he proclaims his innocence


Below is a letter that Aaron Hernandez has written to one of his “true supporters” from prison in which he proclaims his innocence and says he can’t wait to play football and “prove the haters wrong” again.

The letter, which was obtained by TMZ and verified by law enforcement officials on Thursday, references God and “the Lord” quite a bit. Hernandez repeatedly declares his innocence, saying his murder charges are God’s plan and that everything happens for a reason.

Here are some highlights:

“The world just makes things out of false accusations … and it will all die down, especially when they say NOT GUILTY”

“All the people who turned on me will feel like crap.”

“God put me in this situation for a reason.”

“Can’t wait to sign [autographs] again when I’m playing again an [sic] prove all the haters WRONG.

As for the fan who received the letter, he wrote Hernandez first because he was in the same jail 15 years ago, and wanted to reach out to Hernandez to give him some encouragement.

And, of course, he wanted Hernandez to write back so that he could immediately sell the letter for profit. Guess he didn’t care too much for Hernandez’s pleas to “keep this off social media.”

Ballsy move by the recipient to sell this letter. He better hope and pray that Hernandez hears a guilty verdict. After all, we’ve seen how he (allegedly) handles betrayal.



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  • HavocNHell

    Well, I am glad it stayed off Social Media…Oh wait! Dang it!

  • Clay Jones

    Well, it’s not like I support Hernandez, but this guy who leaked the letter is a bit of a douche himself, isn’t he? He wrote to Hernandez just to score this letter. Sad.

    • Kibosh

      Oh no someone took advantage of a multi-million dollar “alleged” murderer.

      • D.K. Wilson

        Do you really lack the ability to contextualize a simple question and statement, or did you just use 30 seconds to out yourself as a hater? The statement has nothing to do with Aaron Hernadez’s economic status. “Oh, oh! You Joey, I got a letter back from Hernandez! Wait till TMZ, Deadspin, or whatever useless pap-producer passing as a media source, gets this!!!”

        ..,.speaks loudly to the culture in which we live. What an asshole.

        • Kibosh

          Wow are you as big of a piece of shit as Hernandez, because you’re certainly coming across that way. I hope your words taste good because you’ll be eating them when this is all played out.

      • Jane

        That’s not the point so don’t confuse the issue. Fact is the guy who wrote the letter in hopes of making a score off of Hernandez writing back is a jerk!! It is what it is.

  • Jeff

    Not a huge supporter of what’s going on, and see the media attention, but what this guy did is bogus. Whether or not Hernandez is declared guilty or innocent, this was low. He’ll be running for the hills if the guy is found not guilty.

    • RL(p) hHedgehogg


      Hha`ha`HiMmmm, TOOO!?!


  • Lando Calrisian

    What’s amazing to me is this kid can print and spell reasonably well….I wouldn’t think this would be a strong suit for him….God knows he couldn’t write cursive. I’ve never been in prison but I’ll guess that people who are there are more often than not, guilty and this little delusion they create for themselves helps them cope with what must be an overwhelming sense of despair about spending the rest of life behind bars. I don’t think he will be playing football soon if ever again. Imagine that…he could be locked up for another 50 to 60 years…free will is a bitch!

  • iceman4

    are people this naive? Hernandez KNEW this would be leaked to social media. Just another narcissistic criminal.

  • Shannon Derby

    somebody should tell him that a lot is two words.

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