Does Jack White hate The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach?


According to a Nashville newspaper, Jack White’s British model ex-wife, Karen Elson, has filed a restraining order against White after allegations of harassment.

Elson was granted the restraining order against White, one of rock’s most respected musicians, on July 22nd after being harassed by phone and email regarding the terms of their divorce. In one email White says, “I’m not extending this anymore and we’re not getting lawyers involved to rip me off.”

White has always had a bad temper but the stories seemed to quiet down after he was ordered to attend anger management courses.

But the story doesn’t end there, not by a long shot. Arguably the most interesting portion comes in the allegations Elson makes against White, the found of Third Man Records.

Elson says that White wanted her to take their child out of a their private school near Nashville because another entertainer, one who performs in an unnamed “blues rock duo”, has a kid who also went to that school. Elson also said that White claims this musician “ripped off” his work.

Obviously, this got me curious…what musician could Jack hate so much that he wouldn’t even want their children going to school together? A musician from a blues rock duo, who lives in Nashville, Tennesee?


All signs point to the entertainer in question being Black Keys guitarist Dan Auerbach, who also lives in Nashville and has a daughter around the same age as Jack’s son.

Let’s be real, a blues rock duo? Tough to prove or deny but it does seem like Auerbach and The Keys were trying their best to following in the White Stripes footsteps as they progressed as a band.

There’s also the rumor floating around that White once challenged Auerbach to a fight a year ago outside his home in Nashville.

There’s also the story that came out last year that reported RZA suddenly ditched a planned appearance at Jack’s Third Man Record, spurning the label for some unknown reason. Then what happened a month or so later? RZA joins forces with The Black Keys to record “The Baddest Man Alive” for the Man With the Iron Fists soundtrack.

Coincidence? Maybe. We’re just theorizing here, but the evidence certainly supports a possible White-Auerbach heavyweight rock feud.

UPDATE: Yep, our suspicions are confirmed. TMZ has acquired copies of White’s emails to Elson about Auerbach. They are not kind to the Black Keys’ frontman.

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