Rick Pitino drives a $450,000 Lexus

Earlier this year, Louisville Cardinals college basketball coach Rick Pitino won his second National Championship, earning himself a $425,000 bonus to go along with his $5.7 annual salary.

When you see that kind of bonus income head your way, you’re able to splurge a little and buy something very nice for yourself. Pitino apparently did just that, as he’s proud owner of a brand new Lexus LFA – a whip that will set you back around $450,000. There were only about 700 LFAs produced this year, making Pitino one lucky driver.

The 60-year old coach has been seen riding in the sick sports car, which he got in white – to match his gameday suits, I’m assuming.

Check out the pics and let the envy flow through you.



[Busted Coverage]

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Pete Blackburn
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