Rickie Fowler enforces golf etiquette on the links in “Dick Fowler, P.I.”

It’s no secret that Rickie Fowler has a pretty decent sense of humor when he’s not wearing eye-burning outfits on the PGA Tour. We found this out when he was one of the ‘Golf Boys‘ and later had it confirmed with his hilarious “This Is SportsCenter” commercial. Oh, and it never hurts to have a Dumb & Dumber quote inscribed on your golf clubs.

Fowler’s latest funny stunt comes via the above promo for Farmers Inurance in which a mustachioed Fowler stars as “Dick Fowler, P.I.” – a private investigator that hunts down and punishes golfers who don’t abide by the rules and proper etiquette. The first episode sees Fowler doing his best Horatio Caine impression as he teaches a man not to talk during a player’s backswing.

The video is pretty great. I’m anxiously anticipating episode two.

[Sportress of Blogitude]

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