Soccer player breaks down after fans of own team insult his recently deceased mother

Turkish football player Volkan Sen of Trabzonspor FC went through a gut-wrenching moment during a match this Monday when a group of fans heckled Sen about his recently deceased mother, this according to the Reddit user that uploaded the video above.

As you can see in the video, Sen breaks down in tears and exits the game voluntarily after the spectators hurled insults his way during a throw-in near the sidelines. The heckling was severe enough that it led to players from both teams (as well as a referee) offering to console a very emotional Sen.

The heckling also caused a bit of a raucous in the section where the hecklers were seated, as apparently not everyone in the surrounding area found the insults to be acceptable.

And if the incident wasn’t messed up enough already, it appears that the fans who got under Sen’s skin were supporters of his own team. Three Trabzonspor spectators were reportedly detained in connection with the incident, but were later released after being interrogated at a police station.

But arguably the most messed up part of this whole story was the reaction that it sparked from Trabzonspor chairman, İbrahim Hacıosmanoğlu, who said that Şen’s behavior was “childish” and not becoming of a professional player.

“Swearing at players is unacceptable. It is impossible for us to accept such a thing, but it [walking off the pitch] was not becoming of a professional football player,” he said.


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