Take a tour of Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen’s incredible mega mansion

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s California mansion has been in the news ever since construction on the massive 22,000-square-foot house was started a few years ago. When it was finished earlier this year, the moat that surrounds it became a big story on the Internets and everybody had their fun.

The house is back in the headlines this week after developers posted photos of the house on their website. As expected, the house- which comes complete with eight bedrooms, a two-story foyer, a library, a wine cellar, a covered bridge, a six-car garage, gardens, a pool, and that moat – is amazing.

[Photos removed at the request of owner]

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Pete Blackburn
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  • captaindandan

    Tom Brady is incredibly successful (& wealthy) individual. His wife also is successful and well paid! They deserve this masterpiece.
    P.S. Did the check with Al Gore & make sure that they are ‘carbon neutral’ ?? LOL

  • Angela Marconi Maxfield

    this property is way over done. especially since she is all about conserving resources!