The New Orleans Pelicans unveil their new jerseys, and they’re pretty awful


Many fans were quite critical and unenthusiastic about New Orleans’ decision to rename their basketball team as the ‘Pelicans’, and many more (including myself) are feeling quite the same about the team’s new uniforms. The Pelicans unveiled their new threads on Thursday, with players Jason Smith, Ryan Anderson, Anthony Davis and newcomer Jrue Holiday modeling the unis.

Ricky Boebel from SportsGrid has a pretty good take on the underwhelming uniforms:

The Pelicans decided to go pretty conservative with their uniforms. Navy blue and white are hardly loud colors. If you’re looking for an alternate uniform you’ll be sorely disappointed. NBA rules prohibit the franchise from wearing a third jersey until their second season as the Pelicans.

Both the away and home uniforms feature “New Orleans” on the front. The status quo in the NBA is to print the team name on the home jerseys and the city name on the away jerseys. This seems like an odd decision by a team trying to launch a brand new mascot. It would have also been nice to see the “New Orleans” on the front shortened to “NOLA,” a widely accepted acronym for the city. The word New Orleans has too many letters to fit nicely on basketball jersey.

Well said. The uniforms are bland and it’s weird that the team chose to avoid “PELICANS” on the jerseys altogether. ‘New Orleans’ looks too long horizontally to put on the front of a jersey and the lettering is way too small.

Pretty disappointing on the team’s part, especially considering they had quite a few decent suggestions from photoshoppers on the Internet. Here are just a few of the much better ideas:

Anthony-Davis-New-Orleans-Pelican-Jerseys1 NOP-2013-home-uni nopk

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