Umpire yells “Thats ball four!” immediately after taking fastball to the throat, is way more man than you

Brian O’Nora is one of the toughest umpires you’ll ever see officiate a game of baseball. In addition to successfully swallowing a mouthful of chew and taking a bat shard to the head, O’Nora added another badass moment to his resume during last night’s Red S0x-Yankees game on Sunday Night Baseball.

In the eighth inning with Jonny Gomes at the plate, O’Nora took a fastball straight to the throat after the Yankees catcher Chris Stewart couldn’t get his glove on the 3-0 pitch. Fortunately for O’Nora, the neck protector on his mask absorbed some of the blow and prevented serious injury, but it obviously still stung quite a bit.

But O’Nora refused to let a speeding baseball to the voicebox deter him from performing his job. Almost immediately after being struck, O’Nora yelled out “that’s ball four!” in case there was any lingering doubt. Now that’s a man if I’ve ever seen one.


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Pete Blackburn
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