Watch Timbaland tease new Michael Jackson project


The clip is only 39 seconds and includes flashes of a young MJ, but it appears Timbaland has plans to release new Michael Jackson music soon.  There has been no word of a release date but we know from the video that the first single will be called “Chicago.”  Tim describes the project together as “two kings working together.”

After working with the President of Pop, Justin Timberlake, I guess it makes sense Timbaland do a collaboration with the King of Pop.  Not exactly sure how there will be new MJ music surfacing, obviously the two worked together prior to Michael’s death. In the video you hear Timbaland say “L.A. Reid came to my house, I got something big I wanna do” and then later on Tim mentions talking on the phone, assumably to a then alive MJ.

Watch the Timbaland teaser video below:


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