A regular season win over Syracuse deserves a commemorative T-shirt, says Penn State football


It’s not uncommon to see sports fans wearing t-shirts that commemorate one of their favorite team’s big wins, but usually those shirts are reserved for wins of grand significance – against a big rival or a playoff or championship game, mostly.

If you’re a Penn State fan, though, apparently every win deserves a commemorative t-shirt – even a 6-point victory in the season opener against the Syracuse Orange. Yep, the same Syracuse Orange that went just 8-5 last season.

From the school’s official online store:

Dominating the gridiron is what the Nittany Lions do best, and their win over the Orange on August 31st was no different! Relive their victory over Syracuse with this Score tee. Featuring vibrant team graphics along with the scores from the game, this T-shirt will showcase your Penn State pride while bragging about your awesome team!

Yeah, feel free to spend $18 on a t-shirt to brag about your “awesome team” and how they won a virtually meaningless game in August. Or, you know, feel free to act like you’ve been there before.

But, hey, I guess when your program is fresh off the most sickening controversy in the history college football, you’ve got to celebrate any victory you can.

[Dr. Saturday]

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Pete Blackburn
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