Angry grandma at Colorado Rockies game produced the greatest proposal photobomb ever

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A young man at a recent Colorado Rockies game proposed to his girlfriend and brought a professional photographer along for the ride. It was a touching moment, as the man’s girlfriend said yes and everyone in the surrounding area was overcome with the cuteness.

Everyone except for an angry ol’ grandma, that is.

The elderly woman flipping the bird in the foreground of the above photo apparently wasn’t too pleased that the photographer was blocking her view of her precious Rockies.

The photographer, Kerinsa Mullins, gave some more details on the hilarious photo:

As the special moment unfolded, Mullins says she continued to receive nasty stares from the older couple, whose view she obstructed.

“They kept yelling at me and I just ignored them because I was there to do a job and I did not want to miss something that would be so brief and so important,” Mullins says.

Ryan said “yes” and fans nearby cheered for the couple — everyone but the older couple, that is.

They continued to look unamused by the event. In fact, unbeknownst to Mullins, another woman who was there with them retrieved a security guard because she couldn’t get back to her seat.

Mullins says when the security guard arrived, the big moment was over and she happily moved out of the trio’s way.

It wasn’t until the next day that Mullins realized the unhappy couple left their mark on the photos.

“In about 20 of them, she and her friend are giving me the stink eye,” she says.


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  • tankman

    Just goes to show, uncouth, classless young people just grow up to be uncouth, classless old people. Considering that the Rockies are finishing in last place, she’s not even a sharp fan. She should be apologizing to the rest of the Rockies’ fan base for putting such an ignorant face forward.

  • Michael Galey

    Her jester is what she is a pinko-commie x-hippy from my generation that protested the Vietnam War and is disappointed that her beloved President Obama isn’t handling the current war, economy, health care etc. etc. to her standards!

  • theslowrider

    Another hateful Obama voter, no doubt..!.,

  • cole

    What an old bat

  • Go Bolts

    You can choose to be bitter or better as you get older. Unfortunately, she chose the latter.

  • daddybear101

    Why does POLITICS have to be brought into everything that happens. It is getting to be ridiculous.

  • rodney davis

    No wonder her Great Geat Grandaughter doesn’t want her invited to her dloll’s tea party. What an embarrassing Ole Hag!!!

  • OrangeCountyCalifornia1

    When the old hag dies of old age, I’ll dance on her grave. Better yet, she should just drink a bottle of arsenic when she gets home. She’ll be doing civilized society a huge favor. Bitter old people are always envious and jealous of young people.

  • boone26

    Just remember when someone shows you what they are, believe them. I always said if I act like an ass in my older years, I hope someone puts me out of my misery. Tacky old woman at ball game with no class.

  • Jennifer A. Harroun

    Well maybe the photographer might have explained to the old woman, and maybe the old woman might have been nicer for the couple of minutes of proposal photography.

  • Golfguy511

    Some people are just bitter and this old hag is one of them!!!

  • Miami_Son

    Just goes to show you, inconsiderate young people put their own needs and wants above those of others. People paid to be there to watch a baseball game, not see some guy propose to his girlfriend and have their view blocked by a photographer not there covering the game.