Brian McCann doesn’t appreciate Carlos Gomez’s taunting, refuses to let him cross homeplate

Milwaukee outfielder Carlos Gomez has a long history of acting like an idiot, but his altercation with the entire Atlanta Braves infield might be the best of them all.

In the first inning of tonight’s game Gomez unleashed an 0-1 pitch into the centerfield stands. Gomez, never missing an opportunity to taunt/show up an opponent, unleashed a dramatic batflip and slowly strolled out of the batters box.


The first person to voice their displeasure was first-baseman Freddy Freeman, but he definitely wouldn’t be the last. The man who gave up the homerun, Paul Maholm, decided to join in on the fun and jawed at Gomez as he rounded third. Then came catcher Brian McCann who straight up refused to let Gomez touch homeplate. What ensued was awesome.


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Adam Stafki

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