Cam Newton can thank Forbes for his $10,000 fine


What’s more frustrating, being fined for wearing Under Armour visor clips or being narked on by Forbes magazine? Luckily for Cam Newton he won’t have to answer that question because earlier today they both happened simultaneously to the Panthers star quarterback.

The NFL has decided to fine Newton $10,000 for wearing Under Armour visor clips on his helmet. Although the Under Armour logo was completely blacked out it was still considered a violation of the uniform policy (Aka the Nike rule), thus the ‘minor’ fine.

So Newton must have switched to the Under Armour clips recently which is why all of this has come to light, right? Nope. Newton has been wearing the blacked out Under Armour clips since he entered the league in 2011. The only logical reasoning behind the sudden suspension is Forbes recent article on Newton and his visor clips.

Congrats Forbes, you have officially contributed to the Roger Goodell fund.


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Adam Stafki

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