Minor league baseball game produces violent collision at home plate

Regardless of what sport it comes from, there’s no better way to celebrate the kickoff of the NFL season than with a bonecrushing collision of two grown men. So, we can thank Brandon Douglas of the Erie Seawolves (Double-A affiliate of the Detroit Tigers) for providing us with this absolutely devastating steamroll at home plate in a recent game.

The collision was so violent that both players appeared to be shaken up afterwards, though obviously the catcher caught the brunt of the damage. Looks like he might be enjoying tonight’s NFL action while sipping his meals through a straw.



UPDATE: The catcher in the video, Brian Jeroloman, a 28-year-old career minor-leaguer, was sent to the hospital after the incident. He was still there as of last night. Not a lot of details on his injuries or if he has been discharged yet.


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Pete Blackburn
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