Nate Burleson’s car crash was caused by a falling pizza


How far would you go to save the pizza that you love? If you’re Nate Burleson, you’re willing to crash your 2009 GMC Yukon in order to ensure that your delicious pizza doesn’t hit the floor.

According to reports, the Detroit Lions wide receiver was involved in a crash at 2:25 a.m. that resulted in a broken arm. Alcohol was not considered a factor in the accident, but do you know what was? A pizza or two falling off the front seat of his vehicle. Distracted by the impending loss of a perfectly good pizza, Burleson lost control of his vehicle and crashed into the median.

All kidding aside, this is a tough loss for the Detroit Lions as Burleson has been fairly effective this season, catching 19 passes for 239 yards.

Let’s just hope that his fabulous haircut was unharmed in the incident.


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Adam Stafki

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