Pat Bowlen’s wife is not an all-natural specimen


Fox cut to Denver Broncos owner & CEO Pat Bowlen and his wife during Sunday’s Mile High matchup against the Broncos and Eagles, and it would appear that Bowlen’s wife has had quite a bit of work done on her mug over the years. More specifically, it looks like Pat Bowlen is banging Steven Tyler.

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Pete Blackburn
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  • terry

    This is not worthy news and who cares……………….
    She is a very nice person.
    Leave her alone,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Tebowmaniac

    hey DICKHEAD… I HOPE YOU GET SUED OVER THIS….and if it doesn’t happen, then I hope when judgement day comes, God makes your head and face look like a true DICKHEAD!!!! Keep writing crap like this and you will be sued, you will lose your job, you will lose people around you that love you…. I hope you learn a lesson from this DICKHEAD…I hope your employers are reading this and are saying: “this guy is right, we could get sued over this…. we better FIRE THIS DICKHEAD!!!!”

  • Jim

    CAPS LOCK helps me EMPHASIZE my POINT which is to use childish words like WEINER.

  • MartinLutherKingOfWorldstar

    Lol she does look like Steven tyler

  • Ed Bennett

    This is in very poor taste.. I doubt that I’ll be returning here for anymore of my sports news.. The Bowlens are some of the nicest people in Denver.. Pat bowlen could buy and sell your sorry ass, and I hope he does.. 2 thumbs down..

    • Chris

      It’s also apparent that Pat Bowlen can afford a box of crayons and lard injections to his wife’s beak .

  • tina

    I cannot believe a human being can be so cruel to another. I bet you cannot imagine how much you have hurt her feelings DICKHEAD.

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