Team Canada’s alternate black sweaters continue the trend of ugly Olympic jerseys


First came team USA with their ironed on stars and fake lacing. Then it was Canada’s turn, who decided that going with one red armband was much better than having them on both sides. In the battle for the most hideous Olympic sweaters, the two countries were in a dead heat. At least until today that is.

What you just witnessed were the three sweaters that the Canadian hockey team will be wearing in Sochi this February. The red and white ones are nothing new, but that black thing on the right definitely is.

I’m not really sure what to say about the black alternate other than it looks like a long sleeve t-shirt with Canada written across the middle. There is nothing aesthetically pleasing about the sweater (it even kept the one armband) and the gold that outlines the midsection does it no favors. The thing is just downright plain and boring.


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Adam Stafki

Born and raised in the North Star State. Unabashed fanatic of the greatest game on earth, hockey. Covers all sports and film related news at The Nosebleeds.