The Jaguars understand that you need to be really drunk to watch the Jaguars play

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You have to give the Jacksonville Jaguars organization some credit…they may not be able to put a quality product on the field, but they sure know how to cater to the needs of their fans. More specifically, they know how to get you really stinkin’ drunk so that you might actually make it through four quarters of watching their terrible team.

The Jags are introducing a “buy one ticket, get two drinks free” promotion for this weekend’s game against the Indianapolis Colts. Applicable drinks include water, soda and, yes, beer…which only makes sense considering the promotion is sponsored by Bud Light.

Sure, it’s not a bad way to convince fans to come out to your watch your team play, but you know what also might work in that regard? Employing capable athletes and/or wearing uniforms that don’t cause vital organs to shut down.

Oh well, I guess. Drink up, Jags fans…you poor souls.


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Pete Blackburn
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