A preseason hockey game featured a line brawl, goalie fight, and ragemode Phil Kessel


What’s better than a hockey fight? Five hockey fights happening simultaneously. What’s better than five hockey fights happening simultaneously? A goalie fight. And when all of those things combine together you have one of the best preseason hockey fights in recent memory.

The initial scrum can be credited to the Sabres John Scott and the Leafs Phil Kessel. By the looks of things, Scott didn’t appreciate something Kessel had said and decided to voice his displeasure with a good old fashioned fight. The ensuing scrum resulted in 23 penalties and gave us the gift of witnessing a glorious goalie fight between Buffalo’s Ryan Miller and Toronto’s Jonathan Bernier.

We are all but guaranteed to see a few suspensions (David Clarkson left the bench to join in the fun, which is an automatic 10 game suspension) resulting from the scrum and they will be well deserved.

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 10.40.40 PM

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Adam Stafki

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