Virginia Tech’s new ‘Hokie Stone’ helmets are pretty hokey

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In keeping with the tradition of producing aesthetically awful uniforms, Virginia Tech has unveiled its newest atrocity to the world: the Hokie Stone helmet.

If you’re wondering if a quarry threw up on their helmets then you’d be absolutely correct. The helmet is an homage to the stone quarry that produces many of the rocks that cover the university’s campus buildings, covered here in a local news story.

This isn’t the first time in recent memory that VT has donned questionable helmet designs. Just last week they paid tribute to the military with camouflage helmets that look like they were designed by the Cobra Commander himself. Prior to that, last year they wore all-white helmets with imprinted turkey feet as a tribute to the school’s old moniker the “Fighting Gobblers.”

Though the helmets are beyond ugly, we’re still waiting to see if Michael Chiklis will reprise his role as The Thing from the Fantastic Four movies as the school’s honorary mascot for the game.

[Fox Sports]

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