Boston’s Mayor Menino: “We’re all going to be rooting hard to bring the World Series Cup back to Boston”

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Another championship run for a Boston sports team, another epic sports speech blunder by Boston’s Mayor Tom Menino.

Menino has made quite the fool out of himself while trying to praise some of Boston’s best athletes and teams over the past few years. From “Wes Weckler and Rob Grobowski” to ”KJ and Hondo” to  ”Varitek splitting the uprights” to “Wilcott and Gonk.”

Menino’s latest sports blunder came Tuesday when he delivered a speech about the World Series-bound Red Sox and their quest to bring the “World Series Cup” back to Boston. Sure, it’s a fictional trophy…but it does sound pretty badass.

Considering this is likely Boston’s last championship run during Menino’s tenure as mayor (he’s stepping down after this term) he may as well go out with a big whoopsies.

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