Chris Mortensen and Tim Hasselbeck hijacked Adam Schefter’s Twitter account, and it was hilarious


Adam Schefter is arguably ESPN’s most valuable NFL beat reporter, and a huge reason for that is his ability to break news on Twitter. On Monday, however, Schefter’s Twitter account was hijacked by a couple of his coworkers, who had some fun at his expense with a few hilarious tweets that reached Schefter’s 2.5 million followers.

It all started when Schefter took a jab at Tim Hasselbeck:

That’s when Hasselbeck, along with Chris Mortensen, took the liberty of taking over Schefter’s account while he made an appearance on Monday’s morning edition of SportsCenter.

And my personal favorite:

There’s been plenty of discussion in the past about exactly how tall Schefter is, and Tim and Mort just wanted to clear things up for those still in the gray area. Ken Rosenthal can sympathize.

It appears that Schefter has learned quite a valuable lesson here.

Beware: The dangers of bromancing.

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Pete Blackburn
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