David Price’s girlfriend lashes out at Red Sox fans on Twitter


Tampa Bay Rays ace David Price  was smacked around by the Red Sox during Game 2 in Boston, giving up seven runs over seven innings pitched in the Rays 7-4 loss to the Sox on Saturday. A frustrated Price took to Twitter after the game to not only remind fans of his various accomplishments in college and MLB, but also to bash the TBS analysts who criticized him following the game.

After tweeting out his resume and going to the classic jock “nerd” insult a couple times, Price apologized for his tweets the next morning and his manager, Joe Maddon, called it the “perfect example of what not to do” on Twitter. But now Price is back in the headlines because of Twitter, but it’s not because of his own tweets this time…it’s because of his girlfriend’s. Price’s lady friend, Tiffany Nicole, attended both Game 1 and Game 2 of the ALDS at Fenway last week and she had some less than kind things to say about Red Sox fans during that time.





Who knows if Boston fans were taunting players’ children and throwing trash like Tiffany claims they were, but I’m sure Price’s girl received her fair share of heckling if the Sox fans found out who she was, especially with Price on the mound. Either way, it’s pretty neither side of that couple is a big fan of the not-so-friendly Fenway faithful.

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Pete Blackburn
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  • jyak

    Don’t you know Boston fans best fans ever….I live in the Boston area and I assure you they do not live up to the standards they proclaim to be…there are good fans but I have been confronted by many goons when attending a game at Fenway…I am a Yankee fan.

  • Frank Spero

    price is egotistic cry baby asshole he ought to get over his self inflated ego as for his girl friend I can believe every word she says the suxs fans are pure scumbags

    • le_Fache

      …of one person says it, it has to be true, right?
      Fenway is no different than any other park/stadium except for the fact that the fans actually follow the game and know what’s going on

  • le_Fache

    Proof that adults shouldn’t have Twitter accounts

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