Deion Sanders booted from the school he co-found after assault allegations [UPDATE]


I imagine that it’s pretty tough to be fired from a school that you co-found. The list of fireable offenses probably consists of a few major no-nos (murder, sexual assault, etc) while everything else is grounds for a slap on the wrist. Where does assault fall on the spectrum? Thanks to Deion Sanders we now have our answer.

According to reports, Deion Sanders was fired from Prime Prep Academy (of course its named that) after he allegedly attacked a fellow employee during a faculty meeting. The victim, Kevin Jefferson, is the chief financial officer at the charter school and claimed that Sanders ‘grabbed him by the throat and threw him to the ground during an after school meeting’.

Sanders, believing that Twitter and its 140 character limit was the best way to his honor, posted a response to the allegations. And as you’d expect, it didn’t exactly help.


UPDATE: It looks like Sanders has been rehired by the school and he will be on the sidelines tonight for Prime Prep’s game. Obviously the school didn’t want to go through the process of changing its name and felt that retaining a man who allegedly assaulted another faculty member at the school would be less of headache. It’s the logical explanation.

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