Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland steps down

jim-leylandRecently, Detroit Tigers manager and Big Lebowski narrator Jim Leyland announced that he would step down as manager of the Tigers. Allegedly, his plan to leave the team had nothing to do with the Tigers’ recent ALCS defeat to the Boston Red Sox, but rather a decision Leyland made about a month ago.

In eight seasons with the Tigers, Jim Leyland led the team to three division titles and two American League pennants. In 22 seasons of managing, he managed the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Florida Marlins, the Colorado Rockies, and the Detroit Tigers. During that stretch, he won manager of the year three times and led the 1997 Florida Marlins to a World Series Championship.

Whenever a player or coach of such magnitude retires, there is always one looming question: does this person make the Hall of Fame? For Leyland, the answer is yes. As a manager, he has won 1,769 baseball games and has managed multiple superstar talents, including Barry Bonds, Todd Helton, Miguel Cabrera, Magglio Ordonez, and Justin Verlander. While he might not be as accomplished as managers such as Joe Torre or Tony La Russa, Jim Leyland has made a pretty significant mark on the game of baseball, and will certainly be remembered as a phenomenal baseball mind.

So, with that said, let’s celebrate Jim Leyland’s career with one of his most memorable rants:

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