Did Jon Lester have an illegal substance inside his glove during Game 1?


Jon Lester turned in an amazing performance for the Red Sox during Game 1 of the World Series, going 7 2/3 shutout innings against the Cardinals as the Red Sox cruised to an 8-1 win in Boston. He managed to keep the Cards’ offense uncharacteristically quiet all night, allowing just five hits while striking out eight on his way to the win column.

But the question that many are asking this morning is – did he do it legally?

Earlier in the season, Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz was accused of using a mixture of sunscreen and rosin to get a better grip on the ball. Now, it looks like Lester is going to be the one facing some questions thanks to an unknown substance in his glove.

Cardinals minor league pitcher Tyler Melling sent out this tweet during Game 1 questioning if Lester was using Vaseline inside of his glove to help gain an advantage against batters.

jon lester glove

He wasn’t the only one who took notice of the mystery substance:

jon lester tweet(1) It’s tough to tell exactly what it is (it looks more like grass than anything to me) and, now that Game 1 is in the books, we may never know, but it does seem a bit fishy…especially when you see this: 


GIF via @CorkGaines

What do you think?


Update: An MLB spokesperson has released a statement on the matter:

[Hall of Very Good]

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