Joe Thornton has given us the quote of the year


According to San Jose Sharks forward Joe Thornton a four goal game deserves a very special kind of celebration.

“I’d have my c— out if I scored four goals. I’d have my c— out, stroking it,”

I guess we might need a little exposition for that quote to make any sense whatsoever.

In case you are one of the select few who haven’t heard the legend of Tomas Hertl, here is what he did on Tuesday night. That slick goal was just the icing on the cake of a four goal game for the 19 year old kid who was playing in his third NHL game. Of course, because hockey consists of some of the most annoyingly old-school people in all of sports, someone had to try and stomp on Hertl’s cake by claiming that what he did was disrespectful to the game.

As you’d expect, the San Jose players are getting plenty of questions regarding the pointless showboating debate before their game with Vancouver later tonight. Joe Thornton didn’t appreciate the questions being tossed around so he put a stop to them in spectacular fashion.


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Adam Stafki

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