Jordan bails on Grizzlies owner’s one-on-one challenge

While anyone who’s anyone has heard of Michael Jordan, I’ll bet only a handful of people have heard of Robert Pera.  Yet the self-made, 35 year old billionaire, who recently purchased the Memphis Grizzlies, challenged #23 to a one-on-one game via Twitter.  This came after Tony Allen cancelled a one-on-one match against Pera, which would’ve raised $100,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  Jordan laughed off the challenge saying, “That’s comical… It’s a no win situation for me.”  This statement has officially made Jordan the biggest asshole in the NBA.  Why you might ask?

Because as part of Pera’s challenge, he offered to raise the charity amount to $1,000,000! A million f’n dollars, for Jordan to go school some little, 5′ 8″ white dude.  A no win situation?! It’s obvious Jordan isn’t going to lose… the guy can still dunk! I can’t think of an explanation why Jordan wouldn’t go play some ball, if Pera was willing to donate $1,000,000 dollars to charity, but hey, maybe he’s making another Hanes commercial.  Check out Pera playing some one-on-one at a Grizzlies’ practice above

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