Julian Edelman wants no part of Tom Brady’s high-five

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Even Tom Brady, the NFL’s golden boy, isn’t immune to an embarrassing high-five snub. That was put on display during the first half of Sunday’s Patriots-Saints game when Julian Edelman left Brady hanging on the bench. Between that and Edelman’s miserable attempt at some special teams trickery, he may not be getting much burn in the second half.


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Pete Blackburn
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  • Mac Smith

    Stop making up stories. Just report what actually happened. The Patriots won a nail biter and this is the best you can come up with???? Really??? Pathetic!!

    • MikeInMaine

      Geez, Mac… they didn’t make up any story!! This DID happen! Just as they reported! What’s your problem? You too much of a Brady or Pats homer to accept that this really happened? I’m their biggest fan, but I think it’s funny as hell! Maybe Edelman felt like crap for playing like crap… OR maybe he was sick and tired of Brady screaming at him – and everyone else who dropped passes all day… again! And maybe those guys aren’t too happy with getting screamed at when Brady has been throwing a lot of bad passes this year! Yep! I said it! Brady has NOT been the greatest this year! But who could with no reliable receivers since Amendola and Vereen were both hurt so early in the season, and even the better players who remained healthy and still on the field SUCH AS Edelman and Thompkins had been dropping so many great passes which hit them right in their hands??? This stuff happens. To ANY team, QB and/or receiver. What separates those who keep on crumbling from those who turn it around? I don’t know; maybe the ‘winner’s gene’? Fire in the belly? Whatever it is, TomEffinBrady has it tenfold. And that’s what everyone in the sports world was marveling about afterward… and all day today on tv and radio. Some analysts who had been writing him off for a while now were admitting that they’d made a huge mistake, and that he is absolutely frickin’ amazing, and even Stephen A. Smith said today that he was no longer going to say that Aaron Rodgers was better now than Brady OR Peyton. And I think.. Brees, for that matter. I think all of these smartass analysts who think they know everything and that they get to decide who’s the best, 2nd, 3rd, and so on may be eating crow today. Maybe just because Rodgers had two seasons that were lights-freakin-out statistically, he should not have been put in the same category with Brady, Peyton and Brees… just yet! And it would be even more hilarious for me if they end up with egg all over their faces for putting Peyton on Mt. Rushmore before the Broncos play the Chargers in San Diego, or KC anywhere, or the Patriots.