Kanye will appear on Jimmy Kimmel tonight… Wait, what?!

No, you didn’t read that headline wrong.  Two week after Kanye bashed Jimmy Kimmel on Twitter, for his “Kid Re Kreation” of Kanye’s BBC 1 interview, the self proclaimed “number one rockstar in the world” will join Kimmel on his show, hopefully to have a Jerry Springer type showdown. Kimmel responded with a “What the fuck just happened,” type of segment a couple days after the twitter rant, and since then it’s been the biggest “rap feud” since Nas and Jay-z.  ABC announced yesterday, that Kanye will be the guest on tonight’s showing, airing at 11:35.  It’s fair to say that this conversation is going to be as unpredictable as the Breaking Bad finale.  Check out Kimmel’s video above that got it all started.


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Caleb Mansfield

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