Phil Kessel, aka the ugliest Jedi, gets an eight-year deal from Toronto


The Toronto Maple Leafs know a great Jedi when they see one and they weren’t about to allow their most talented lightsaber dueler walk away. I mean, could you let a man with such obvious talent leave your organization? I didn’t think so.

The deal is reportedly for eight years and will pay him a total of $64 million. If that’s the case then it would mean that his yearly salary would average $8 million, making him one of the highest paid forwards in the entire NHL.

The 25 year old has justified such a contract with his play over the past few years. His 134 points over the previous two seasons trails only Steven Stamkos (154), Evgeni Malkin (142) and Claude Giroux’s (141) totals over the same time frame.

Congratulations Phil Kessel. May the ankle hacking force be with you.


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Adam Stafki

Born and raised in the North Star State. Unabashed fanatic of the greatest game on earth, hockey. Covers all sports and film related news at The Nosebleeds.