RIP Matt Flynn’s career


The Matt Flynn era in Oakland has officially come to an end with his release from the team earlier today.

Who the hell is Matt Flynn you ask? Just some guy who signed a $19.5 million contract ($10 million guaranteed) after backing up Aaron Rodgers for multiple years. Alright, that’s not the entire story, but it’s the part that everyone seemed to forget when he was one of the most prized free agents in 2012’s offseason.

Lets turn the clock back to the final week of the 2011 season for a better look at the rise of Flynn. The Packers decide to rest Aaron Rodgers for the playoffs and give Matt Flynn the opportunity to go up against the Detroit Lions. What ensues is a beating. More specifically, a beating that consisted of 480 yards passing and 6 touchdown.

That performance alone, and lets not kid ourselves, it was that lone performance, earned him $10 million in guaranteed money. And like every other overachieving QB in the history of the NFL he fell back to earth with a thud. He lost a QB battle with Russell Wilson in Seattle, was traded, and then repeated the feat with Terrelle Pryor in Oakland.

The final dagger in his career’s heart came from the only game he ever started. With Terrelle Pryor out with a concussion, Flynn was given his chance to show that 2011 wasn’t a fluke. Instead he forced the Raiders to demote him to third string after an abysmal performance.

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Adam Stafki

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  • destrilogy

    RIP *Jeezy Voice* RIP, RIP.

  • Robellini

    He needs to just be grateful at a crack with another team and not ask for too much money over the veteran’s minimum until he can prove himself. If he goes on a caravan show looking for big bucks, no one will sign him.