The Carolina Hurricanes scored a 174-foot game-winning goal against Jonathan Bernier

One current and one former Los Angeles Kings goaltender have had a rough go of things early this season.

If you thought Jonathan Quick’s misplay of the puck earlier this season would be the shoe-in for most embarrassing goal of the year, you may have to reconsider after what happened to Jonathan Bernier last night. The Hurricanes and Leafs went head-to-head in Toronto on Thursday night and the ‘Canes game-winning goal came from 174 feet down ice in the third period.

From his own zone, Carolina defenseman Ron Hainsey cleared the puck off the boards and down into Toronto’s zone, where it kicked off the endboards and managed to maneuver its way past Bernier’s stick, deflect off the goaltender’s skate and into the net. The weird goal made it 3-2 in favor of Carolina, the eventual final score.

There was some question as to whether or not the play should have been called dead due to the new hybrid icing rule, but the officials determined that Carolina’s Radek Dvorak reached the faceoff dots first, keeping the play alive.

After the game, Bernier made no excuses for the misplay.

“It was just a bad mistake by my part. I looked up and see where my options were. The puck was probably spinning a lot, and I misjudged it.”


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Pete Blackburn
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